Recovering From An Injury

Injury stretch

(Page 1 will be about my recovery from a back and a neck-shoulder injury. Go to page 2 for my article on how to deal with injury and how to properly recover from it)

In conjunction with my last post, I am now here to announce that my back injury is gone and over with. In fact, I was pretty okay three days after I blogged about it. I had it sort of fixed by a massage therapist and it was a great experience as it helped me grab a sense of what proper posture really is and why it’s terribly important regardless of whether you’re exercising or not. But I was still unable to do my usual routine as planned.

Get your posture right

Monday afternoon, while writing at my custom-built standing desk, my upper right neck and shoulder got worn out. There was this sharp pain that really felt like something was stabbing me from the inside as I could not pinpoint the exact spot where it hurt. I tried stretching it off with various routines and I got a bit of mobility back but they still hurt specially when I would turn my neck around or move my right shoulder. I believe it was due to my right arm overstretching towards the mouse pad (located at shoulder height) which was my fault for placing it there in the first place. I then decided to lower it to just below my chest, like my keyboard. It got worse when my brother invited me to this park with a few exercising equipment the next day. Nothing too fancy or hardcore, simple equipment that’s usually good enough to be used by senior citizens without injuring themselves. The funny thing is, I was the one who got injured.

Injury stretch
Good examples of stretching

It was during my excited use of a pull-up bar that bust my shoulder and neck muscles real good. I turned a minor, not-so-painful-and-bothersome injury into something I literally went to the doctor for. I couldn’t really move so much without thinking about the pain. My usual activities were a bit hampered as I could not turn around without having my whole turn with my head. I also couldn’t relax my back when I sit down to rest as it would hurt too. Raising my right arm also proved to be quite painful.

Anyway, the doctor told me, as I had suspected, all I got was a simple case of muscle strain. He prescribed some muscle relaxants (which I got) and a painkiller (which I didn’t need). Safe to say I’m probably 80% healed now with only the slightest bit of discomfort when I turn my neck to the left side.

Moral of the story? Always be mindful of your posture whether it is standing, working in front of a computer, or training. Bad posture promotes injury and it may not hurt now but it will eventually and it will explode on you.

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