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Do you need something written but you just can’t put it into words? Do you need assistance in writing articles backed by scientific research AND an actual scientist? Do you have a new website and you need high quality content? Then maybe I could be of service.

Clients know me as a skilled writer due to the way my output is not only error-free but also easy to read and understand. I focus primarily on the health and fitness niche but I’m willing to try other topics if the opportunity calls for it.

Health, fitness, nutrition, supplements, and medical topics are my specialty. I’ve expanded into the podcast show notes writing niche too.

One reason I focus on this niche is because I have a passion for a healthy and fit lifestyle as well. Simply put, I talk the talk and walk the walk. It’s also a bonus that I have a university degree in Food Science, Technology, and Nutrition which means my articles are not only well-researched but I myself can verify if the sources are selling facts or mere anecdotes. I also love using Pub Med as my main source of scientific evidence should you need claims to be backed up.

Writing Samples:

Saturated Fat

Prenatal Supplements

Emotional Eating

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver

Protein Powder Safety

What is Choline?

What is BHB?

Supplement reviews for the following websites:

What Clients Say About Me:

Robert James feedback freelancerWhat I Do

  • I mostly write for WordPress sites: I’m more than familiar with how it works from both an editor’s and admin’s point of view.
  • I can write like a friend or like a scientist: I can change the tone of my articles like changing shirts.
  • I’m no stranger to writing while embedding keywords and linkbacks. I understand how a carefully placed keyword which links to your site is crucial for SEO.
  • I’m an excellent Blog Admin: I’ve worked with clients who asked me to contribute AND edit guest posts for their website.
  • I’ve written topics on health and nutrition benefits of different types of food, fat-burning exercises, supplements, nootropics, and weight loss. I also wrote a few articles on education as well as healthcare.

What I Don’t Do

  • I’m not all too familiar with graphic design so creating infographics about health, fitness, and nutrition are out of my league. I can talk to another freelancer and refer you to them but I have to say I don’t even use Photoshop. I’m okay with Canva or for simple image formatting but I’m not an artist.
  • Don’t hire me for SEO spam. Keywords work but I don’t like ruining content just so you go up on the first page. Let me handle the keyword density and your article will come out fine. Trust me, you don’t want to be removed from the search index.
  • I don’t write for free. We’re all professionals and even start-ups pay for work. If you’re a student looking to build a “cool business” website then you ought to know the most important building block in any business is a properly allotted budget.

Robert James Freelance Writer

Why Hire Me?

*** These are WordPress sites.  If you need me to write directly on your WordPress website then I will not have any problem transitioning at all.

Although I can fairly write just about anything, I mostly focus on natural health, physical fitness, and healthy benefits of common food types. It’s not that I don’t like other niches but I have a mastery over this topic and it has fueled my freelance career for the most part.

Why You Should Not Go For Cheap Work

Short version:

I can get you all the quality articles you want with a price tag that won’t make you spend more than you have to.

Long version:

If you’re still reading then I guess I got your attention and I’m already thankful for that.

Freelance platforms are riddled with cheap writers and low-ball bids that may look tempting to hire since people think writing is easy. But it isn’t and just because you can write doesn’t make you a writer. It’s the same thing with photographers vs people with cameras.

I may seem expensive compared to my third world friends but I assure you of the quality of each sentence I write. I don’t need to write fluff if you don’t want me to write fluff and I also don’t ruin articles for the sake of SEO compliance. If anything, I make sure I do my SEO properly and it’s by aiming for the readers and not for search engines. I believe in quality over quantity and I hope you understand it comes with a price.

I’m not saying “affordable” writers aren’t good but do you honestly want to risk your business’ future with a person who thinks “high quality” is synonymous to “low cost?”

Right, didn’t think so.

If anything, business minded individuals such as yourself shouldn’t dare think you can get something extraordinary out of spare change. You’re putting your whole business at risk with that kind of mindset.

If you want to risk it with those kind of writers then be my guest. I only wish you the best of luck as some clients who worked with me often comment about how affording cheap labor cost them more than hiring an expert like me.

What I’m saying is my price tag pays for itself. You pay me for my rate and I give you the best articles my two hands and brain can give you. For revisions, sensible revisions are for free but revisions that outright require overhaul or extra content will be billed as if it was a new project.

Other Info

To add, I don’t outsource work so don’t you worry about privacy issues or lackluster quality. If you need a team of writers for a huge project then I can get in touch with well known freelance writers to help me out.

How Much?

Ah yes, the magic question that can make or break a deal.

My rates

I accept work with rates of $11/100 words or $45.00/hour in US Dollars. You can go either way but I suggest we do hourly since some of the topics I’m asked to write about normally won’t cost more than $100.00 despite a 1000+ word length because I’m an efficient writer and researcher.

One thing I am not is a cheap writer. You will not be able to hire me for single digit rates unless the word count is amazingly small. I will also gladly use any form of escrow or time-tracker you would require but I hope you don’t mind me reviewing the software or services first. I don’t like using dubious software or escrow sites as financial transactions are involved. Losing money is something we both do not want to happen.


I barely do discounts but if it’s for a good cause then you better convince me. If you’re a student or someone who wants some articles written for their charity site then let’s see what you have to offer. I can also offer discounts if the work doesn’t take much effort or brain matter to do.

How About Tests?

I don’t normally do tests as my article display is more than enough but if you really insist then please see my rates.

We both like security but I’m the one on the losing end should a client run away so I hope you don’t mind upfront payment and it can easily be done thru Paypal. This is a must when it comes to large projects that involve lots of research and writing more than 2000 words. I will gladly provide you an invoice whether on a per-word or hourly project.

I hate scammers and the last time someone ran off with my work I sold them to other websites in less than 4 days. The runaway client would never be able to pass the articles off as originals. If they even attempt to publish them Google will simply mark them as spam and removed them from the index.

Robert James Freelancer

Where to Hire Me?

While we can agree to work off-site, you may also choose to hire me directly or go the traditional route and hire me in this one. The latter platform is popular enough already and can offer job security with both Escrow and Hourly payments by using a tracker. The only downside is that it’s often buggy as hell and can ruin the client-freelancer experience. I really suggest we transact offline, build a trust-worthy working relationship, and see how it goes.

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