Why FIT and WRITE?

Naturally, jogging was my first official workout of choice. It was easy and just required a lot of road to run on. I bought, for the first time, shoes that are actually good for running and not just for display. I began thinking functionally, so to speak, hence my first investment in fitness, besides healthy habits and food, are a good pair of running shoes. I even had a professional runner provide me the necessary guidelines on just what type of shoes to wear based on my goals and feet type. (I’m slightly overpronated)

I ended up running and running and running some more. I eventually grew so fond of running that I ended up joining marathons, running at 4 am in the morning, running 10, 15, and 25 km round trips all on my own. I even ran while holding on to 4 lb dumbbells when I didn’t know they were bad for you.

I lost weight but I also began to get leaner. I was already six months into running and I’ve even purchased a treadmill as a Christmas gift to myself so I can run even when running outside would be a bad idea. But as I began getting more and more leaner, I became fascinated with . I never really thought that reading and researching articles on strength would lead me to my favorite strength tool of all: The .

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