Sprinting And High-Knee Running

I didn’t want to do the usual long distance running or sprinting in short distance. I wanted something new. So aside from an HIIT workout through sprints and paced (moderate and steady) running, I wanted to try this high-knee jog I totally just made up today (I seriously didn’t have a clue if it existed). Sprinting was already torture since I haven’t really ran more than a kilometer in a while and then this new running idea just suddenly piqued my interest. I then knew that my legs were in for a surprise.

I started high-knee running trying to cover as little distance as possible, focusing on raising my legs high enough and fast enough. My pace was definitely slower but my heart rate was definitely faster (like chest-hurts fast). I did it with some side steps (left and right sides) to add some variety.

In the end, I didn’t even get to cover 2 km. Sportypal recorded 1.94 km with an average pace of only 3.64 km/h but I totally felt the burn in my thighs and abdomen. My fastest run today was at 14.5 km/h in case you were wondering. In any case, to see what I did, watch the video below:

It’s a good thing I normally do 100 double kettlebell squats so I didn’t get punished as I would have if I skipped leg day every now and then.


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