Staple Fruits and Vegetable Shake

I promote and . I’ve been living as healthy as possible for the last 4-5 years. I’ve done a lot of workouts and I’ve taken my diet seriously. I see food as a source of nutrition more than anything else. I value the importance of eating adequate amounts of fiber and minerals plus a lot of water throughout the day.

I’m sharing with you my daily anti-cancer shake. It’s composed of romaine lettuce for fiber, a few slices of cucumber for hydration, pineapple chunks for vitamins and flavor, and a piece of ripe banana for texture and to override the bitterness of the lettuce. I usually add 1 1/2 glass of cold water for volume and to assist in the blending. If you don’t add water then not only will your blender have a hard time shredding the ingredients but you will also most likely over-blend the drink which in turn extracts the bitter flavors out of the lettuce and just makes your drink taste awful.

Sometimes I add apples to boost the drink’s health benefits. I’ve been drinking this for the past 4 years and my body rarely gets sick and if it does it heals quickly. My skin’s brighter, my senses are sharper, my insides feel cleaner, and this can also be my energy boost. The secret is not adding too much lettuce so you won’t overpower the banana’s taste which is there to overpower the bitterness of the lettuce. Also, don’t put too much water as it might become too watery and awkward to drink. Keep water levels at about half the pitcher after you put all the ingredients in.

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