The 5 Best Fat Burning Exercises To Get You Fit And Strong (You Have To Try #5)

5 fat burning

5 fat burning

Considering the busy lives most of us lead, it is no surprise that we are often looking to do more things in less time. Whether it is completing more work during our regular 9-5 shift or trying to see three different groups of friends in one night, we all want to pack as much into our schedules and enjoy life to the fullest … but what about exercise?

Whether we’re hoping to shed a few pounds or just want to stay fit and healthy, we need to find efficient forms of exercise that burn calories without getting in the way of other commitments. These five options do just that. Pick one that appeals to you and feel the benefits.

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1. Aerobics

Aerobics is a great choice for anyone looking to tone up but who has limited time to do it in. You can pack a huge variety of different movements and activities into just one hour and muscles all over your will benefit. Aerobics is generally enjoyed in a group and this can help with your motivation and focus. Many instructors use music during the classes too and this is another way to keep everyone motivated and upbeat.

Top tip: Wear practical clothing that is comfortable and lightweight so you don’t feel tempted to slow your workout due to sweaty or uncomfortable clothes. Sign up for regular classes (if you can) so you are not tempted to skip a week’s workout.

5 fat burn

2. Running

Another great exercise that burns calories in a short amount of time is running. Running is great for your metabolism and cardiac so you can work off last night’s dinner while taking care of your heart. It is also a particularly good choice for those strapped for time as you do not need to go anywhere special or use fancy equipment to take part. Just get a good pair of sneakers and head outdoors whenever you feel like it.

Top tip: Running can be tough on your feet so make sure you wash and dry them thoroughly after each run to avoid chaffing and dry skin patches. Applying baby powder before exercising and using a good moisturizer afterwards can also help. Your runners should be comfortable, supportive and fitted properly too.


3. Cycling

Slightly more equipment is needed for this activity, but if you already have a bike then it is as convenient as your average jog. Cycling is pretty efficient when it comes to burning the calories and a simple 30-minute session could burn lots of calories depending on how hard you go. To save time with this exercise, integrate it into your daily life wherever possible by cycling to work or when going to see friends. This will help you to get fit but also save time (and money on travel costs).

Top tip: Cycling in busy cities can be dangerous and is a daunting experience for some people. Find an experienced rider to cycle with until you feel comfortable with the rules of the road and always wear reflective clothing and safety equipment that will make you more visible to other road users and offer some protection.


4. Swimming

Swimming certainly requires a bit more planning than some exercises but it is worth the effort. The average swimmer can burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes (for breast stroke) but the benefits don’t stop there. Swimming also uses almost every muscle in your body so you get a full-body workout in a single activity. You need to spare a though for the impact it can have on your skin though as the water (and chlorine) can lead to dry skin patches. A good all-over moisturizer can tackle this.

Top tip: Try using a specially designed underwater MP3 player to listen to your favorite tracks or podcasts while your swim to help the time fly. Set yourself a target number of lengths to swim and take regular breaks to avoid fatigue.


5. Rowing

Rowing can burn around 300 calories for every 30 minutes of exercise and is great for toning the upper arms. If you live by a river then search online for a club that meets at a time convenient for you or if this is not an option then head to your local gym and use a rowing machine. Start slowly, with a small weight, before working your way up to a more intense workout. Make sure you use the right technique to reduce the risk of injury too.

Top tip: This is a great choice for anyone who’s moved to a new city and wants to make friends. Most rowing clubs are very social so make an effort to join a team and get to know other rowing enthusiasts.

There are loads of other great fat-burning exercises that can fit into busy schedules and the most important thing is to find something that suits you and your lifestyle.

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Exercising is about getting fit and taking care of your body as well as losing weight. Make sure you combine it with a balanced diet and a good skincare regime to really feel the benefits. Drink plenty of water when exercising to stay hydrated and help get rid of patches of dry skin by keeping your body, and skin, well moisturized and hydrated.

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