The Avocado: Healthy and Yummy


The foods we eat are what one of the things that make us who we are as a person. The foods we eat define not just our individual preferences but mainly our state of health. The foods we eat determine our internal well being. It is for this instance that we should not deviate from the standards of a healthy and happy life.7916970314_e182fa87fa_z

People nowadays find it hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is so busy. Everyone is always in a hurry. Fast-food becomes real food. A healthy life is suddenly a luxury. But who said a healthy life is expensive? Let me show you one fruit that has been underestimated in its health benefits. That fruit’s name is the Avocado.

It is rich and creamy but very healthy for you. If you are not yet familiar or have yet to acquire the longing for the avocado, then let this article enlighten you. You’ll find out that the avocado’s buttery taste is not all its lending to dips and salads. After this article you would then realize how amazing this simple-looking fruit really is.




The avocado has been a known special fruit for thousands of years. The fruit itself wasn’t just a fruit back then. No, it was more than a fruit. The avocado was once worshipped; yes you read that right, by ancient civilizations mainly for rituals and sex. One of those civilizations is the Aztecs. The Aztecs have been fond of eating the Avocado since 7,000 B.C. as a current research would suggest. The Aztecs considered the fruit as a symbol of fertility. Why? Perhaps the name itself needs to be explained first.

793672848_8997f0b053_zThe name Avocado in ancient Aztec roughly translates to testicle. Why is it called such a thing? Well if you were to actually see an avocado tree and the way the fruit hangs, it sort of resembles the manhood. It’s a queer name to give for something you regularly eat but it’s delicious all the same.

The fruit itself was largely isolated on one region. It wasn’t until the Spanish decided to set out in the ocean and conquer lands did this fruit ever got somewhere. When the Spanish occupied the Aztecs, they transported avocado to the rest of the world. They encouraged it as a sporadic and enjoyable fruit, with a buttery profile that nourished and fortified the body with covetousness. That explanation both assisted and delayed its marketability since it was believed to be too seductive to even try.




The avocado is practically the same everywhere. But even this fruit has two major types. The one that is popular throughout the world is called the Hass variety, named after Rudolph Hass. The other one is called the Florida Avocado.6990389740_dfff6cc031_z

The Florida avocados are just the larger of the two, yet relatively lower in overall fat and calories. It’s juicier since it contains more water. The Hass avocado is the preferred avocado mainly due to the fact that it is much denser in its HDL than its Florida counterpart. As an example, the Hass avocado has more than 5 times the HDL than the Florida variety.

Both types of avocados are awesome for the gastrointestinal system as they comprise a good range of both soluble and insoluble fibers.



Fruits often deliver that surge of energy accompanied with lots of vitamins and minerals upon fresh consumption. And the avocado isn’t an exception. If anything, this fruit packs more punch than your average apple.

One of the things this fruit can do is get you your fix of beta carotene, magnesium, and vitamin E. It also has potentially a lot more potassium than your average banana, and a pretty high serving of fiber per fruit. Not to mention that body builders might want to eat more of this fruit since this fruit boasts a whopping 2.4g of protein, the thing that makes your muscles grow, for every ½ cup of the fruit. And that’s a lot considering how expensive protein powders are. That and combined with the nutrients it can give the body compared to simple protein powders.

Another main benefit of this mighty fruit is the amount of healthy fat it has. It is one of those rare fruits that have good cholesterol which is known to us as HDL. Most people think HDL can only be found in fish and nuts but the humble avocado provides just as much if not more than the other sources.


This fruit is also known to aid in the fight against cardiovascular diseases and other known illnesses such as diabetes. It’s also known to enhance nutrient absorption. Research states that having a piece of avocado per meal would lead to a healthier heart than other fruits.

As an example, eating avocado with burgers would not increase triglyceride levels as compared to eating burgers without the presence of the fruit. The avocado also aided in increasing blood flow to healthy levels which is usually a sign of good vascular health.

3835306207_6d6df6b16d_bThe avocado may also aid in the protection against liver damage. A study in Japan recently ran an experiment on lab rats. These rats were injected with a certain toxin that induced liver inflammations. There were a separate group of rats that were fed avocado every day and they showed the least amount of liver damage. That leads to the fact that avocados may potentially aid in the treatment of viral hepatitis.

The fruit can also aid in maintaining a healthy skin and healthy scalp. The oil of the avocado can be used as treatment for dry and itchy skin while also making one’s hair soft and shiny. It is widely used as a face mask in countries such as Africa as an after-sun treatment.

The avocado fruit is also known to stave off hunger pangs. Eating avocados induces satiety mainly due to its high fat content of which are healthy fats. These fats, since monounsaturated in nature, are quickly absorbed by the body and are therefore a great meal to give you that boost of energy you need. And this in turn can help reduce unnecessary weight and plausibly fix an otherwise unhealthy eating habit.

Avocados furthermore contain a very thought-provoking carb called mannoheptulose, a sugar that in fact dampens insulin release and improves calcium absorption, both of which are dire for boosting fat loss.


Avocados are known to be rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants decrease the aging the process which therefore helps maintain a youthful look. The avocado contains lutein, zeaxanthin, and of course tocopherol otherwise known as vitamin E. The antioxidants decreases oxidative stress and make cellular movement much more efficient.

The sugar that is found in avocados has been revealed to develop the skin epidermis by enhancing collagen materialization. This sugar is called D-manno-heptulose. Avocados likewise cover particular amino acids and biologically important carotenoid anti-oxidants that decrease age spots, pacify inflammation and heal scarring of tissue and burns.

Also note that avocados are a tremendous accompaniment to a vegetable based meal. Most vegetables, predominantly in their raw/unprocessed state, are made up of high numbers of carotenoid based anti-oxidants. Recent research has revealed that these are best absorbed in the system when in conjunction with a healthy fat due to their lipophilic (fat-loving) nature.13329194373_fb9f08f90c_z

Lastly, glutathione takes care of the liver and the nervous system. It is responsible for replenishing and reprocessing other antioxidants in the body. It is vital for a resilient immune system, and avocado is one of the rare foods that hold a substantial quantity of glutathione.




The Avocado fruit is one amazing super food. It’s considered to be one of the best fruits that ever existed in the world. It boasts of a number of benefits specifically on the amount of antioxidants and the amount of good cholesterol which is naturally high in the fruit. This fruit has remained a staple favorite by everyone around the world. Not only does this fruit give you a plethora of benefits but also gives you the satisfaction that you ate something that is very good for your body.4673005762_717f5f933c_b

The avocado, fortunately, is quite versatile in terms of how you consume it. The fruit can be consumed raw as most would do especially those that are into training. They can also be sliced along the length, with a hint of lime on the sides or the flesh. It can also be creamed into milkshakes and my personal favorite, smoothies. It is a delightful garnish on popular meals such as burgers. It can also be chopped into salads. It is can be pulped into guacamole and can easily substitute mayonnaise as a spread on a double-decker. It is the avocado that makes the California sushi roll so popular as it serves as the key ingredient.

A little bit of a caveat: Avocados are a bit heavy on the calories; they must be consumed in light or moderation. But since this is a super food, consuming more isn’t exactly a bad thing. Don’t let the thought of getting big steer you away from adding them into your recipe rotation for the health benefits they contain.










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