The Illusion Of Convenience: How To Stop Choosing To Be Unhealthy



“Man, I gotta skip this workout – there’s a killer happy hour going on!”

“Exercise or beer and wings? Easy choice!”

“I need to make something healthy and delicious for supper but….damn Dominos delivers!”

Skipping workouts, ditching meal plans, living an unhealthy life… why are so many of us living this dangerous lifestyle? Simply put: it’s convenient. It’s in the human nature to perform the task that is most convenient and least energy expending and that’s what junk food and couch potato living offer. This lifestyle can literally be crushing our and setting you up for a shortened, unhealthy life!

What We Think:


I’m about to hit you with some staggering stats about the health mindset of U.S. citizens. It has been shown that at least 36% of U.S. adults admitted that they are normally physically inactive during their leisure time! A.K.A. when they aren’t working they aren’t doing much exercise. We aren’t talking about running a mile or breaking personal records – we simply mean that 36% of us don’t leave the couch when we aren’t working…

Well does it matter? If you want to live a long healthy life it does. For instance, it’s been found that leisure time physical activity can increase your lifespan by as much as 4.5 years! Hmmm watch reruns of Friends for 4 hours or get up and exercise and live a longer life – no brainer!

What We Think: Nutrition


It isn’t just our physical fitness mindset that is killing our health, the mindset we have regarding nutrition from an early age is setting us up for failure. Get this: recent research has pointed that over 1/3 of U.S. children (ages 2-19) eat fast food on any given day. This data from 2011-2012 points to the fact that 12% of our children’s daily calories are coming from fast food! What are we teaching our kids about eating healthy? “Eating healthy isn’t convenient so just go grab a loaded burger!” Good idea! If this is what we are instilling at an early age they are sure to carry on the habit throughout life!

Making Change Happen: Fitness


It honestly doesn’t take a huge leap to start being more active. A little exercise – like a brisk walk- can decrease your risk of disease while increasing your life span. Plus it helps increase muscle, , cardiovascular health, bone strength, resting metabolic rate, mental fitness, etc. The problem is that we have this misconception that we need to exercise for at least 45 minutes each time we do it! Forget that, many of us barely have 20 minutes of free time.

What if we can improve our health in only 20 minutes? Researchers have found that a 20 minute brisk walk each day can greatly reduce your risk of early death. Only 20 minutes a day – you watch more commercials than that! It doesn’t just stop there; this 20 minute brisk walk a day can reduce your risk of heart attack by up to 40%. It’s simple – if you are ready to make a change but are dragging your feet, simply start walking each day and start to build up your exercise capacity!

Making Change Happen: Nutrition


Fast food and junk food are incredibly convenient, right? What are we to do when we are on-the-go and need food fast? What about when we are coming home from work and are starving? Just remember to keep it simple, healthy, convenient, and sustainable.  Remember these tips:

  • Whole foods are your best friend – avoid the highly processed crap
  • Frozen fruits/veggies are quick to make in the microwave and just as healthy
  • Fruits and whey protein make for a great on-the-go super snack
  • Frozen fish is an easy meal to bake. Pop a few on a pan, put it in the oven, and you’re done
  • Drop the crappy sugar laden drinks – water is also your friend
  • Plan out your trips. Always have a plan that keeps you on a healthy path


We need to start making our fitness and nutrition regime as healthy and convenient as possible to make it lasting. While simply walking won’t build you massive biceps of get you “cut” in 3 weeks it will help improve your exercise capacity and get you up on your feet. Likewise, remembering some simple tips when it comes to nutrition can equate to you dropping some of the junk food. It’s all about small, efficient changes to help you reach your goals!

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