The Importance of Having Snacks Everyday



Is Snacking Really Bad?


It seems that everywhere you go these days there are snack foods available, so much so it can make you want to snack all the time! But, many of these snack foods can be less than healthy and may pack in a huge number of calories, sugar, or sodium into your day. Although it can be tempting to grab a candy bar or bag of chips we know these are not ideal snacks as they provide little nutrition.

But, snacking isn’t all bad. If you choose the right snacks, snacking can be an important part of an overall healthy diet and can allow you to get in nutrients you might be missing otherwise. Well-planned snacks can help boost your nutrient intake and even help prevent overeating at your next meal.

Snacking Between Meals


Eating snacks between meals can help keep you from getting overly hungry, especially if your meals are spaced more than four or five hours apart. It is natural for us to be hungry about every four hours and sometimes meals just don’t come soon enough. For example, if you eat lunch right at noon, but your dinner isn’t usually until 7 pm, it is reasonable that you will likely be hungry before then.

Starting a meal being overly hungry will usually just result in overeating. Adding a snack during that interval, especially one that contains protein and carbohydrates, can help prevent extreme hunger once the meal arrives. So, plan a healthy snack about four hours after your last meal, if your next meal will not be for at least another hour or two to prevent you from being completely ravenous and out of control with eating.

Snacking Everyday


Snacking can also help maintain energy levels throughout the day. Energy is related to how much blood sugar is available for our brains and muscles to use. Consistent, healthy snacking helps maintain steady blood sugar levels, preventing spikes and crashes throughout the day. Maintaining a steady state of blood glucose allows our brain and muscles to function optimally, so we don’t get that afternoon slump that makes us feel exhausted.

Snacking For Optimum


Healthy snacks can also help add important vitamins and minerals to your diet that you may not be getting enough of. Snacks are a great place to sneak in an extra fruit or vegetable you may not be consuming at other meals.  A green smoothie is a great and filling afternoon snack that can help pack in 2-3 additional servings of fruits and vegetables. Your afternoon snack may also be a great place to add in an extra serving of calcium from a Greek yogurt or a handful of almonds, which contain about 75mg per serving.

What To Snack On?


If you are looking for healthy snack, first be calorie-conscious. A snack should provide no more than about 100-200 calories, as it is not meant to replace a meal. Your first choice for snacks should always be fruits and vegetables. A little bit of protein, such as a Greek yogurt or a small serving of nuts, can also help reduce hunger until the next meal arrives. Try these date and almond protein balls that provide some healthy carbohydrates plus protein to make the perfect mid-day snack. Or try this amazing beetroot hummus, paired with your favorite dipping vegetables.


Remember keeping in mind the end goal is to get more fit in a solid manner, the most obvious thing you would prefer not to do is put an excess of calories into your . In the event that you do, activity will be the one positive way you will have the capacity to blaze that overabundance off your body. When you don’t set aside a few minutes to fit in a workout on the day you nibbled on excessively, that is the point at which the weight goes up. This is the reason it’s basic you stick inside of a solid fitting calorie go especially on days you know you are not going to have the capacity to work out.

Whatever you choose to snack on make sure it is not something that comes from a bag or a package, processed foods do not make healthy snacks. Instead, choose fresh fruit, vegetable, or yogurt, or other lean protein choices to keep your hunger at bay and your energy stable throughout the day.

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