The Pros and Cons of Working Out at a Gym

Exercise is a must to have a quality life that is full of energy, positivity and confidence brought by better physical and mental health. Now, if you ever consider getting out of your home to achieve your fitness goals, you might want to know the pros and cons that might accompany this decision. 

The Pros 

Working out at home offers a lot of convenience, especially for those that do not want to spend a dime for a gym membership. However, going to an actual gym rather than settling for body-weight exercises and improvised home equipment also has its benefits.

  • You’ll Have More Focus

It’s guaranteed, working out at a gym will give you more focus. 

Distractions such as your bed and kitchen will be far from reach and you’ll only be seeing what you’ll need to achieve your dream body. Think about that: You’ll actually have no choice but to work out and sweat those calories off. 

  • Better Equipment

It’s a no-brainer! Unless you have a functional gym at home, going to an actual gym is the far better choice. Better equipment means you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to choosing the right program for your goal. Whatever your goal may be, having a larger range of equipment can benefit you greatly. As you should know, exercises serve their own specific purposes — to improve specific muscle groups in the body. Now, without the right equipment, you’ll fail to target more parts of your body.

  • Availability of Fitness Trainers

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned gym-goer, you’ll need the assistance of experts. The body is a complicated machine with a lot of parts that serve very specific functions and carry certain limitations. Because of this, meticulous care should be observed to avoid unwanted injuries. Having a personal gym trainer by your side as you carry out your daily routine is a great way to learn and improve. This is a guaranteed way to really maximize your body’s potential. Being able to do exercises correctly with the right form and intensity will boost your body’s development, and who else can help you better than gym trainers that have taken courses about fitness and assisted in the success of other people.

  • Togetherness

Some people who go to the gym are after the community because this strengthens their will to work out. Not only that, with a friendly gym community, support comes by more often, especially from those that have reached a certain milestone in their fitness life. With a feeling of togetherness, it will surely be easier to accomplish hard and heavy ambitions. 

  • Role Models to Learn From

Compared to working out at home, you’ll have the chance to see what self-discipline can result to when working out at a gym. Having accomplished athletes and fitness enthusiasts around you while you strive for progress is a treasure you’ll only get in public training facilities. In addition, you can also learn lessons from them firsthand.

The Cons

Membership Fees and Monthly Payments

That’s right, most gyms do not offer membership together with monthly or annual payments. They do not come as a package. You’ll have to pay for a membership fee first before entering a gym as a regular. Then, you’ll have to pay for monthly or annual subscriptions. In some cases, If you can’t afford a gym membership fee, you’ll be paying for daily visits.  In the U.S., the average cost of a gym membership is around $60. However, this depends largely on the gym’s location. If you happen to end up in a gym in New York, you’ll probably be paying more than $100 monthly. 

  • Travel

Not everyone goes to the gym hassle-free. If you happen to live in a far-flung suburb where the nearest gym is an hour or two away, choosing to work out at a gym will surely be a detriment. This makes working out at home more convenient. 

  • Jammed Workout Space

You may have to wait in line before using the flat bench. Although this is part of the gym culture, it may take up important time from your day. If you are a busy person who only has an allotted 30 minutes of time to work out in a gym, you might find this as a big disadvantage. Some gyms are also so packed with equipment that you can’t avoid but bump shoulders with other members while working out. You’d even be hearing metals clanking caused by barbels clashing together given the tight space. 


Bodily fluids everywhere! That’s the reality of gyms. 

Yes, some people wipe their sweat off the benches they’ve just used, but still… there are some that still don’t see the sense of it. It’s going to be a sticky chest day for you as hygiene will surely be an issue. Gyms do make sure that all their pieces of equipment are clean, but not all their members abide by the regulations. 

  •  Not a Place for Self-Conscious People

Besides the cost of joining a gym, this is also one of the top reasons beginners find it hard to enter through a gym’s door: lack of self-confidence! If you are not confident about yourself, you might want to consider spending some months working out at home first or else, you’ll be wasting your gym membership. Once you enter the gym, it’s going to be fight or flight. If you still don’t know whether or not you can withstand the anxiety of being the “longshot,” you’ll probably end up running off-track.


The gym is for anybody with a dream. However, we don’t have the same opportunities and situations. The smartest move you can do right now is to weigh out the disadvantages and advantages you’ll presumably experience. What works best for you? If you think you’ll do just fine signing up for a gym membership, don’t wait too long! Just try it out and let the new experience pave the way to more opportunities and achievements.

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