Top 10 Tips Expecting Women Need To Know When Traveling

10 travel tips expecting women

Traveling during pregnancy can be uncomfortable, especially during the last few days before delivery. But why should you cut your trip short before you introduce your bundle of joy into the world? You have all the right to have a fun and relaxing trip even if you’re pregnant! There is plenty of travel information that all expecting women should have at their fingertips.

Below are 10 tips that you must follow while traveling during pregnancy:

  1. Pick Your Destination Carefully

Depending on your location, there are many travel destinations you can choose near your area instead of making long-haul flights which are often uncomfortable. It’s recommended to pick a place within a 3-hour flight. In case you are traveling far, break up your trip by booking overnight stays in comfortable hotels that has medical facilities nearby.

  1. Make Earlier Preparations

Planning your trip ahead will help in ensuring that you enjoy most of your time when away. Note down every essential item you want to take with you, at least for convenience purposes. It is also important to carry out some research on healthy pregnancy tips ahead of your trip. In case there are delays, take advantage to have a nap or break. Don’t forget to carry a pillow to use as a head rest or cushion against hard seats.

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  1. Choose Food Wisely

The food you will have while traveling can be totally different from what you usually take at home. You will have the opportunity to try different cuisines while on the go. While fresh fruits, spicy dishes and freshly-baked breads are some of the culinary foods you will encounter while traveling; pregnant mothers should take extra caution it comes to diet. Have foods containing plenty of minerals and vitamins. Take plenty of healthy snacks and drink water regularly to stay hydrated.

  1. Pack Carefully

Staying comfortable happens to be one of the most crucial healthy pregnancy tips for expectant moms. You should carefully pick the right accessories, clothes and shoes. You need clothes that are loose to accommodate the growth of your baby. It’s recommendable to wear flat shoes or trainers especially if you will be walking around. Also, carry with you some blister pads in case your feet swell up. Most importantly, pack clothes that suit the weather conditions.

  1. Take Breaks Regularly

With the growth of a baby inside your womb, you may become more tired than usual. Take advantage of your holiday trip to rest or sleep. Aren’t holidays meant for relaxation? Don’t assume that resting a lot means you are losing more. Indeed, it’s an opportunity to explore other places, rather than feeling worn out all the time. Resting adequately can also help to avert swelling of feet which usually occurs during pregnancy.

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  1. Avoid Risky Activities

No holiday is worth enjoying without engaging in some form of sporting activities. However, any activity that put you or your baby at risk should be avoided. Such activities include waterskiing, horse riding, snowboarding or climbing. You can enjoy with activities like taking a walk in the amusement park or by taking a warm bath in a pool. Also, remember that engaging in less strenuous workouts regularly can help significantly during delivery.

  1. Carry a Copy of Your Prenatal Records

According to latest travel information, all expecting women should carry a copy of their prenatal records and relevant medical notes. These are very helpful especially if you happen to require treatment from a local doctor while on the trip. Don’t forget to purchase some travel insurance policies that cover medical expenses when in a different country. You can check the CDC’s website for more information about foreign medical coverage.

  1. Enjoy The Attention

Some expectant moms feel embarrassed when they find that most people tend to address their bumps rather than their face when on holiday. You should relish the attention of being the next mom-to-be. Respond with positivity when someone tells you something to do with your pregnancy. Stay calm and confident even if a stranger touches your bump. Remember that there are travel destinations where expectant mothers are the adored center of attention and are treated with lots of respect.

  1. Try New Things

Pregnancy is a golden opportunity to calm everything with an enjoyable holiday trip. It’s the chance to try out new things at a gentler pace by enjoying plenty of activities when travelling. This will help you to enjoy your freedom from everyday worries you face at work or at home. Appreciate the surroundings by spending some time quietly at the beach or countryside park. Attend shows, explore the local town, or read a calming book or magazine.


  1. Enjoy Your Trip

Irrespective of the means you are using to reach your travel destination, there are plenty of practical ways you can try to make your trip enjoyable than ever. For instance, doing some simple stretches after every hour can help to minimize leg cramps, swelling and heartburn. You can also put on compression stockings or flight socks to improve circulation when traveling long distances. Share your feelings with your traveling companions and convince them you need to take a rest whenever you feel tired.


Comfort should remain your priority if you are traveling during pregnancy. You should look for best ways to stay pampered when you are enjoying your holiday away. Should you face difficulties while you are on a holiday, it is very important to know where you can get help within the shortest time possible. Have an enjoyable pregnancy trip!

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