Personal Kettlebell Workout Guide Part 2

If you’re coming from this blog then thank you for reading more of my guide. If not and you stumbled upon this page, kindly view part 1 if you’re new with kettlebell workouts.

This part of the guide will introduce a variety of complexes (combinations of movements) that will make use of two or more basic exercises with the kettlebell. By themselves, the basic kettlebell moves are already sufficient in burning fat, enhancing strength, and giving you a multitude of health benefits. These complexes are designed specifically for a minimalist type of approach to strength training.

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 As with all forms of training, caution is mandatory. Prior to performing one of the complexes in the guide, kindly assess your physical health as well as the limits of your strength. These kettlebell complexes will truly test all aspects of your body’s strength, endurance, and overall fitness. Some of these kettlebell complexes will require you to lift the kettlebells all throughout the workout until one set is done.

 Test your endurance with my Godzilla-Armor Building Complex

From a health and strength perspective, it would be wise to lower the rep levels than lower the weight you’re currently “fixed” in. Your fitness and strength level will greatly improve if you would concentrate on maximizing a certain weight limit despite reducing repetitions than it would be to complete each complex 100-150% but with lighter kettlebells.

Note that the key in kettlebell training is speed with perfect form. The faster you do your workouts, with a consistent form, the better. Your strength would also drastically improve as a faster record time would mean your body’s fitness level has started to adapt to the current limit of your current kettlebell workout. If you feel that the weight is no longer a challenge, you can either choose to stop there and maintain (or surpass your time) or upgrade to another weight set if you wish to get stronger.

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Another note is that I’ll mostly show you combinations using two kettlebells. If you wish to use just one or feel that two is a bit hard for you to use right now, simply adjust the combinations to fit only a single kettlebell use. The same with videos portraying the use of only one.


1. Swing – High Pull – Snatch

This is a personal favorite. It shows the transition from the basic swing up to the advanced snatch.

2. Clean – Jerk/Press – Push up – Renegade Row – Burpee

It’s a lot but it’s not that difficult at all. It’s not so fast compared to number 1.

3. Snatch – Squat

Seems simple enough but the fatigue you’ll get when you squat won’t be so simple after each set.

4. Clean – Squat – Press

5. Swing – High Pull – Clean – Squat

6. Swing – See Saw – Clean – See Saw – Lunge

This video shows us a good variant of the double kettlebell lunge.

Another variant which uses the Snatch.

That’s it for the basic complexes.


7. The Big 5!

This makes use of the Swing, Snatch, Clean, Press, and Squat.

7.1. One Kettlebell

7.2. Two Kettlebells

8. The Greatest 7!

This is not your ordinary complex. It is by far the most difficult I’ve done. It not only incorporates the Big 5! but also adds the push up and renegade rows!

Do this complex for 4-5 times with heavy kettlebells or do 5 repetitions of each exercise for 5 times with lighter weights.

9. The Destroyer

According to the notes on the video, it consists of 15 each of swings, snatches, squats, clean and presses, and push ups using a pair of 16 kg kettlebells. I did this before and I never want to do this again because it literally drains me in the morning!

10. The Godzilla

This is a personal favorite in terms of complexes. It’s simple yet effective and you really feel the burn.

You can also choose to alternate the arms raised as opposed to how the video does it. Either way, they burn a lot of fat.


Apart from doing kettlebell work, it would be a good point to invest time in bodyweight training as well. By itself, kettlebell training can develop strength, enhance fitness levels, and provide a sense of quality health but there would be times that you won’t be around your kettlebells to train (sad, I know) so it would be a good idea to at least practice a few bodyweight workouts. This also serves to train your body a kettlebell might (with emphasis on the word might) not be able to. Don’t get me wrong: you can train with the kettlebell all you want but won’t it be great if your strength can also achieve record push-ups or pull-ups? If you think the same way I do, then read on!

1. Push ups 

I’ll show you the different kinds of push ups available to us. It’s a good exercise on its own. The key here is to do it as fast as you can without losing that “straight back” form unless the workout requires it.

But for the standard, this is how it should be done first.

2. Pull ups/Chin ups with Knee up

A strong man can always pull himself up. That is all.

3. Burpees/Squat Thrust

This is my all time favorite warm-up exercise. It’s a good combination of the push up and the jumping jack for me.

It’s simply fun to do!


Overall you can use whatever combination you see fit. Kettlebell training can benefit your health, overall fitness, while at the same time getting you strong and muscular. The complexes I’ve provided are already dated but they still work. I’ve come across a few more complexes and you can be sure I’ll blog about them in the near future. Overall you can use whatever combination you see fit. It can be from here or your own creativity can be applied.

Just remember to always have proper form and know your limitations. Always go back to basics every now and then. Sometimes you’ll be surprised as how far you’ve strayed from what the correct stance or form is. Sometimes I do that by re-watching old training videos just to see if I’m still able to maintain the things I’ve taught other people how to do.

Make sure the area your working in isn’t crowded as Kettlebells require space. Never ever substitute or compromise safety for training specially if it’s the safety of other people. If at some point you want to snatch a kettlebell you haven’t snatched before (because of the heavier weight) and you want to try, please observe the surrounding areas and think whether the place is suitable when you end up dropping or throwing the kettlebell in places you don’t plan to.

With all that was said, thank you for reading my article.

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