Vascularity: Why Men Should Do What It Takes To Show Their Veins

There are several tiers when it comes to fitness. The guy in the office who works out three times a week might be in pretty good shape, but there are also the ones who take it to that next level and push themselves to the absolute limit. They want to find out what exactly they can get out of their bodies. To do this, they have to hit it hard.

The biggest barrier many guys face when exercising is cracking that final ten. It’s that last ten pounds and getting under 10% body fat. Your body might be telling you good enough, but you know there’s more you can do. One of the things that shows that you’ve topped that new plateau which has stopped so many other guys is your vascularity.

Vascularity is when the veins close to the surface of the skin are visible. They are the proof that you have put more into your workout than most people. It’s the difference between looking good and looking like a Greek God. Simply put, vascularity is a strong sign of masculinity that the whole world can see.

Why do Men Want Vascularity

In fact, vascularity is kicking six pack abs out of the top spot for what ladies find hot on a guy. It instantly tells a lady that a man is insanely fit and athletic. The money vein is the cephalic vein which runs along the forearm and up to the mid part of the shoulder. That’s the one women love most.

Body Builders and Vascularity

One thing to keep in mind, if you’re training to be a competitive bodybuilder, is that vascularity is a major part of the score. A guy can be more muscular than anyone on the stage, but if he is “too smooth” he isn’t going to win. Visible veins play a huge role in the aesthetic parts of being a bodybuilder.

Achieving a Vascular Look

Earning the vascular look isn’t easy. Even if a guy works his butt off for it, a person’s genetics are going to play a huge factor in the ultimate level of vascularity he can achieve. Some people got it, and some people don’t.

We all know that guy at the gym who looks like Superman from the waist up, but is still Pee Wee Herman from the waist down, even though he never skips leg day. Gaining vascularity depends a lot of on what is in the DNA.

How to do it though? The first thing to do is break through that 10% body fat threshold. When you lose the fat, you start to see the veins. Getting down to 8% body fat is generally the point when vascularity first really starts to show through for most people. The lower the body fat percentage, the greater the vascularity.

Nutrition and diet also play a huge role in being able to show off that vascularity. Find a detailed nutrition plan that works, and stick to it. Keep your sodium intake low and eat lots of quality proteins. And remember to drink plenty of water. Becoming dehydrated will cause your veins to shrink up.

As much as vascularity is primarily associated with weight lifting, it’s cardio that pushes it over the top. A serious cardio workout that lasts between 30 and 45 minutes a day, three times a week is vital to getting the ripped look. Your veins are like a muscle, and they also need to be trained. Keeping a high heart rate through exercise makes them bigger and stronger, like it does the rest of you.

Tips to Get Started

If you’re ready to start pursuing vascularity, you want to first start with planning out your diet. Prepare yourself for a lean and low fat diet. The less intake of fatty foods, the better. Your veins are under that layer of fat so the less fat you eat, the more the veins will appear. Along with eating a low fat diet, you need to work on enhancing your pumps- supplements are a great way to achieve this. Choose a supplement that promotes blood flow, such as supplements that contain nitric oxide. These supplements will hype up your pumps and will enhance that roadmap vascularity. Remember to not over do it, take time to let your body and muscles recover, especially after a hard workout.


Vascularity can be achieved through diet and the right exercise routine, along with the right supplement. These measures can go a long way to keeping the pump and the vascular look throughout the day or during a bodybuilding competition.

It isn’t always easy finding what works, but once you do, it’s magic.


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  • I used to think that your veins showing up is a bad thing as what the old folks use to say that it is because of getting wet when your body is tired. Now I know why at times I can see my veins and sometimes not. Thanks for this

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