Why a Morning Routine Is Essential For Success

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Have you ever done some research on how to get more productive and to gain overall success in your life? 

If yes, you quickly encounter that one of the first important steps to fulfill your potential is getting up early in the morning and creating a morning routine.

In fact, there is an undisputable connection between having a morning routine and experiencing success in what you aspire to be.

Why a Morning Routine Is Essential For Success

But why is there such a consistent link between having a morning routine and getting more successful?

First of all, a morning routine only makes sense when it’s actually happening in the morning. 

Whenever you have to get ready for work or the chores of the day come knocking on your bedroom door, you already have to be up and running.

Because you have to get up early in the morning for the concept to work, a morning routine will make sure that you have the necessary structure to start your day with.

Instead of sleeping in, hurrying in the shower and skipping breakfast to barely arrive at work on time, you will already have progressed in different areas and skill sets before starting your workday in a calm and collected way. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

On top of that, a morning routine leaves plenty of space to advance as a human and personality. 

While there is a certain difficulty in uniting fun, passion, and excitement in your job that you are dependent on in order to feed yourself and potentially a family, the morning routine is a way to integrate very personal goals into your every day.

As you want to follow your morning routine every single day, you should feel excited and comfortable with how you fill it.

Certainly, we will look at ways to create and fill your morning routine in a meaningful way later in this article!

Anyhow, for starters, it will be difficult to keep up the discipline to continuously enforce the routine. Though it might be easy for the first couple of days, especially getting up earlier than you are used to will get tough after some time.

However, if you manage to stick to it, your morning routine will be something you look forward to every evening before going to bed. Trust me!

Additionally, if you indeed manage to stick to it, it will boost your discipline and willpower, making it easier to pick up new habits in the long run.

Last but definitely not least, there is another big advantage that a morning routine brings along.

Having soon formed a habit of getting up early and reading, learning, exercising, etc. you will notice that not only your morning is way more fruitful than ever before, but the rest of the day, too.

In what I would describe as a “snowball effect”. Getting up early to do your morning routine already sets the pace for the day.

Being up at an unusual time will make you likely adhere to whatever you want to start your day with. Why? Just because you are not used to doing stuff this early in the morning. If you have always planned your life around getting up at a time so that you can comfortably shower, eat, and drive to work then there is probably not much else to do in the morning instead of the very thing you got out of bed for in the first place.

Supplementary, there are as few distractions as possible early in the day. If you are one of the rare people following your morning routine, you start the day ahead of the curve. When everyone is enjoying their last bits of sleep, you are already grinding.

No one will text you, there is very limited content from your friends on social media, and your concentration is peaking!

Now that the requirements are made out to be perfect, let’s assume you start ticking things off your To Do list. A popular and effective first activity in the morning is making your bed. It takes not more than 1 minute and starts the “snowball” which I am going to elaborate further now.

As you successfully managed to get out of bed at an early time, and you have already done the first thing on your list (making your bed) you start to feel good about what you have done. You didn’t need to do what you are doing right now, but you do it anyway because you know this will bring you one step closer to reaching your goals.

Once you have already ticked off a thing or two, you start getting momentum. Winning the mental fights early in the morning will make sure that you are in the right state of mind to get everything else done during the day, too!

For example, once you have hit the gym, it is easier to keep that discipline up for the day and refrain form eating unhealthy.

In conclusion,

  • Getting up earlier to get more things done
  • Advancing as a person and as a professional
  • Acquiring a healthy amount of discipline
  • Reducing stress
  • Starting the “snowball effect” as early as possible
  • Having the best possible working conditions in the morning

As you can see, there are a plenty of very good reasons to start creating your morning routine as early as possible!

What is the Perfect Morning Routine?

There are so many different morning routines of successful people to look that there is a whole website dedicated to recording and listing them.

Reading books like “Tools of Titans” and getting familiar with a multitude of different routines, there is one thing that strikes out.

While there are certain activities you can find in many varying routines, there is no actual blueprint of “the best morning routine”.

This is because, obviously, everyone is different not only in their personalities, interests, and skillsets but also in the way they are restricted by work, family and other responsibilities.

Realizing this, it becomes apparent that copying someone else’s morning routine might not be the best idea.

However, if you are just starting to get familiar with morning routines in general, taking something that has worked for someone else as a starting point is a solid foundation that you can adjust to fit your own needs with time.

Again, make sure that your interests are covered in the routine and look if it fits within your time constraints.

After measuring how early you can afford to get up and still get enough sleep (yes, it will most likely require you to go to bed earlier) you can start filling in the time with things to do.

Tip: By assigning more time to a task/activity, you can increase the importance it carries in your routine.

To ease the process of finding fitting activities for your personal routine, let’s take a look at habits that have been proven to work out for many many people before, making total sense to include in a daily routine.


Sport is essential for everyone interested in optimizing their life.

It will make you fit, healthy, good looking, and provides the required compensation for your brain when being confronted with difficult challenges during the day.

Blowing off steam is great, but starting the day with a workout and seeing the freshness, motivation, and willpower it builds for the rest of the day is something special that is always worth to consider.

Since it is extremely unlikely to organize team sports at 6 am in the morning, most of the time you have to stick to individual sports sessions in order to ensure that you can do it each and every day, making it a substantial part of your morning routine.

This leaves you with a couple of options.

  1. Gym workout – The mother of all exercises is always an excellent option to start the day with. You can work on your gains, get your mind in the right place for the day, and ramp up the concentration. On a side note, if you are interested in losing body fat, try working out on an empty stomach. This way, fat reserves get burned while going hand in hand with potential intermittent fasting.
  2. Running – Running is a beauty on its own. Some hate it, I sure love it. However, no matter if you like it or not, there is no denying the convenience of rolling out of bed, put some clothes and music on, and just head off.
  3. Home workout – If you decide to invest in some weights or equipment, a home gym is a good alternative. It does not take as much time, money, or exposure to do it in the safety of your own four walls. On top of that, even without any weights, doing body-weight workouts with pull-ups, push-ups and more can be sufficient. Anyhow, while efficient, it will be hard to make a home workout as effective as a gym one. In case you do not have big ambitions regarding your physique, and just want to keep yourself fit, a home workout can definitely be everything you need.
  4. Swimming – If there is a public swimming pool available early in the morning in your area, make sure to take advantage of it. Swimming is great, easy on the joints, and only a 20-minute session can absolutely exhaust you
  5. Stretching – Stretching won’t give you a summer body, but it will make you more flexible. In addition, it is overall healthy and important in the prevention of injuries.

While sports are great to implement in your morning routine, many people prefer to do it at different times. Some also just don’t like sport.

Here, I can only repeat myself, even though I would recommend implementing sports in your day, especially the morning routine should be closely tailored to your needs and wants.

  1. Meditation

Meditation, just like sports, is a very valid option to consider.

Just like with sports, in meditation you only make big steps towards your goals if you show up consistently.

Meditating 15 minutes per week will not make you progress!

The more consistent and time-consuming you meditate, the faster you will get better at it. This has special relevance for meditation because as a beginner, it can be quite hard to meditate at all. Learning it over time and experimenting with different methods is the only proven way to reap all the great benefits associated with frequent meditation.

If you want to learn more about meditation, or are already eager to try it out yourself, check out Headspace. They do an amazing job of breaking down all things meditation in a simple and concise way.

  1. Reading

Everybody wants to read more. Myself included.

Once you find time for it and really get into a book, it is a great and enrichening experience. But in these busy times, you have to put a high priority on reading in order to find time for it.

If you are struggling with exactly that, finding that extra bit of time, your morning routine will be the perfect place to pick up daily reading and skyrocket the “number of books read this year” counter to unprecedented heights.

  1. Learn a skill

Putting 30 minutes aside to learn any skill is a smart idea for anyone ever to do.

No matter if you want to learn another language, an instrument or coding, these things take a while to bear the fruits of your work.

Especially with skills in which you can pump seemingly unlimited time into them and still get better, doing baby steps one day at a time is the most effective and efficient way to acquire these skills long term.

  1. Write a journal

Handwriting has been associated with direct benefits like positively influencing brain development.

Additionally, documenting what you want to do in the day, writing a To Do list, or just noting down what you are grateful for are all ways to make your journal support your happiness and productivity.


After all, I think having a personalized morning routine is vital for success, happiness, and a life that is looking to fulfill its potential. Nonetheless, no matter how much I write about it, the true life-changing effects can only be fully understood and appreciated when you try it yourself.

From experience I know trying new things can be hard, but if you decide to give it a shot you will not regret it!

In case my favorite 5 examples for morning routines didn’t catch your interest, also consider these:

  • Yoga
  • Walks
  • Making your bed
  • Make a fresh and healthy smoothie
  • Mealprep for the day
  • Study
  • Have breakfast with your family
  • …..

As you can see, there are countless options! Just don’t forget to include some food, water and hygiene in your routine and you should be good to go!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you liked it!

Are you looking to adopt a morning routine? Or improve your existing one?

Engage in the comments!

See you soon,


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