Why I Am Injured Today

Any normal person would definitely stay still the whole day if they have a back injury but those in the world, the well-informed ones at least, know that movement is still the best way to remedy muscle pain (assuming your back injury isn’t grave otherwise take your doctor’s advice instead). Moving your muscles will definitely make your recovery faster but what type of movements should you do? What kind of exercises should you try out?

Well in my case, a couple of stretches usually work but they work best as preventive measures. Once you have the injury, you will definitely feel uncomfortable doing them but you should try a bit as  they definitely aim to make your back flexible. For easier exercises, walking around the block is good for your back or even doing some light household chores (the likes of which don’t require lifting of heavy objects or too much bending) would do.


Aside from stretches and light exercises, you may also opt to do some form of strength training that doesn’t put too much load on your back. Personally, I prefer bodyweight workouts such as strict pushups, pull-ups and squats. Squats will definitely improve flexibility without overloading the spine. Pushups and pull-ups don’t really put weight on your back and doesn’t usually require you to flex them as much as swings do.

Wait a minute, did I just condemn the swing? Not really. As mentioned in this article, kettlebell swings help the back get stronger. Having lower back pains, however, might make this exercise uncomfortable. I suggest you swing after your back regains its normal strength but if you really insist, swing with your lightest weights. I know it sounds sissy-like but you’re recovering and your focus should be to swing to fix your back and not to burn fat. Don’t swing too much; 10 minutes of good form should do. Combine these swings with other exercises that fixes the back instead if you want to exercise more.

Pigeon Pose

If you want to prevent future back stiffness, and back injuries, I suggest you try to stand up more often. If your work literally requires you sit down in front of a computer all day then I suggest you sit on a the right kinds of chairs, use a stability ball (with caution, of course), or if you’re like me, use a standing desk (or make your own like the one I made on the first page).We already know sitting is bad for you and it can definitely put a strain on your training if you’re not careful.

Bad sitting
The infographic that made me realize how bad sitting really is. Click to enlarge.

These sort of injuries have a tendency to silently accumulate until they explode without warning like what happened to me now. So what will I do for now? I’ll still exercise but I’ll focus on pushups and squats as I mentioned. I’ll move around a lot and try to get some work on my back throughout the day. I’ll try not to aggravate my back too much and hopefully resume my kettlebell program in 3-4 days.

Let me end this by wish you guys caution and with good sense during your workouts. If you are injured or you feel like you could get an injury, think the workout over and decide, with good sense, whether you should continue or not.

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