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NOTE: There’s a hidden code below and if you don’t include that on your message, I won’t entertain your request. If your article passes the requirements below, and my review, please allot up to 7 days for publishing. The influx of guest articles often queue up and some posts may not be scheduled for up to a week.


It has come to my attention that my website is attracting health and fitness enthusiasts who wish to contribute. Due to my current job, I’m having difficulty updating the website with new content so I decided to open my own guest posting feature. To see what the usual guest posts look like, click here. For product promotions, you may do so in your article but I may require payment.

Rules to remember:

  • All articles must be original and unique. While I understand 100% original is unlikely, I can still spot copy-pasted blocks of text c/o Copyscape.
  • You must also type it in English and kindly proofread for errors prior to submission. While I will be glad to edit and proofread for you, if your article has too many typos, I may have to reject it.
  • The minimum number of words must not be below 900.
  • Topics could be mostly anything new or trendy about health and fitness. It would be better if you provide articles on health benefits of foods or an exercise article about burning fat. Just make sure you can back it up with research and not anecdotes.
  • It would be lovely if you can insert links to sources specially on claims that include the word/s “studies” and “show”.
  • Include an author bio/byline and in that byline put the link to your website.
  • Type “Good Stuff” in the beginning of your message so I know you read my page.
  • Include the following URLs if available: Facebook page, Twitter, and Google +
  • Images are encouraged but it is important that they are either owned/bought by you or are readily credited in the article.


  • The quality of the infographic must be awesome, not just good. It has to attract people.
  • The text on the infographic must be error-free. Bad grammar will not be tolerated.
  • The message in the infographic must NOT offend any group or person. No discriminatory or political remarks.
  • Provide a short introduction of at least 75 words or around 4 full sentences. This helps me get an idea of the purpose of your submission.

If I fail to respond within 24-48 hours, kindly give me a heads up at fatedblue[at]fitandwrite[dot]com

Thank you and I’m hoping for your great contributions!

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    5 thoughts on “Write For Us

    • Dear (add site owner here),

      My name is Becky and I run essenceofarcadia.com.

      We are a new but fast growing site that specializes in aromatherapy starter kits, essential oils and aromatherapy gifts. I started the business because we found that there was not much information for aromatherapy beginners. I would love to write a detailed guide for you that would help your readership. I will make sure it will have up to 500+ words with useful information, not just fluff or filler content.

      The topics I am passionate about includes:

      -Getting started with essential oils
      -Top ways to use essential oils around the house
      -How to make blends to solve common problems
      -What to look for in essential oils
      -The Evolution of MLM companies in Aromatherapy

      That said, I am flexible on the topics.

      As my site is new, I am trying to use this as a networking tool and would love it if I could contribute to your site.

      I look forward to hearing from you if this is of interest or if you wanted to see sample content I have written.


    • Hi,
      My name is Vanessa Tan from the website Wikiyeah.com. I would like to contribute guest posts to you site, but my budget is rather low so I cannot afford your fee. I read and know that there is another option for guest posts which is exchanging guest posts, but according to Google’s rules, link exchange (directly) is not recommended so how do you think about that concern? Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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