Yoga & Skin Care: The Ancient Science For Beautiful Skin

Yoga Skin

Yoga Skin

Yoga and Healthy Skin: Establishing a connection

Yoga Skin

Skincare was something that was prevalent even during ancient times as is evident from the various scriptures found in Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of India. This particular medical science was so developed that a person can find the mention of brain surgeries in them. Yoga is just a small part of this massive science which is practiced throughout the world for physical and mental peace. Yoga also has other benefits on the besides keeping it fit. One of which is skincare.

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Yoga is not just a workout routine. Yoga is a way of life. Once you start incorporating Yoga, it will have a big effect on the quality of life you are going to lead. There are plenty of Yoga routines out there but if you are looking for something specific for your skin, just read on. Practice these easy to follow postures everyday to have a glowing supple healthy skin all your life.

Pranayama: Breathing exercises in Yoga help your skin breathe

Choose a secluded spot in your home where there is ample of supply of fresh air. The preferable time to do yoga, especially this breathing exercise, is in the morning since the quality of air is better (lesser pollutants).

Spread your Yoga mat or a simple mat that is long enough to for your body. Sit on the mat cross legged. Breathe normally to enjoy the fresh air and then take a deep breath and hold it. Count to 10 at a pace that you are comfortable to hold your breath. Release your breath and again count to 10.

Repeat this for at least 10-15 minutes. This will ensure ample supply of oxygen to your skin and release stress in turn. While you release stress and supply oxygen to the skin, the skin cells are simultaneously performing their functions much more efficiently. This adds to the health and beauty of your skin.

Head Stand or Shirshasana: Increase the flow of blood to the face

Although a tough pose in the beginning, this exercise will be your best bet to look young and avoid age marks throughout your life.

You need to balance your body on your head and hands. Initially take support from a wall or have a partner to help balance your body. Practice this everyday and you’ll eventually be able to perform this on your own. Hold your inverted position for at least five minutes. For comfort, use blankets and other soft material initially if doing it on your own to avoid any injuries to the body.

This increases the blood supply to the face and helps your face skin fight problems like acne. Increasing the blood flow to the face can help fight bacteria that may cause acne.

Surya Namaskar: for a healthy skin and life

This is the big daddy of all asanas. This exercise has been traditionally done during sunrise. Surya namaskar involves an array of various postures which need to be followed religiously. This asana is beneficial in toning up the skin and other body parts. This is since most of your muscles are stretched out under the presence of the sun. Healthy sun exposure has a lot of health benefits on its own and the most popular of which is getting a healthy dose of vitamin D.

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When doing this exercise, your body isn’t only able to de-stress itself but also makes use of the muscles all over your body which can lead to better physical performance throughout the day. Your skin will start glowing after 3 months of regular practice. And it is not only the face skin rather whole of the body skin will be in great form.

Savasana after every asana

A word of caution while practicing Yoga. Barring the breathing exercise we had mentioned in the first point, all other postures in yoga need to be followed by Savasana. To practice Savasana, lay flat on the yoga mat, close your eyes and focus your mind on all body parts in a phased manner.

This is a great de stressing technique that is going to help the body digest the various asanas you have done.

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