5 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Diet (#5 is the best!)

improve diet 5 reasons

improve diet 5 reasons

Losing weight has been a crazy popular topic ever since people found out how the internet works. You can always come across news or lifestyle pages exploring at least one or two topics about obesity once a month. No surprise there; our obesity rates are off the charts. In the U.S. alone, at least 33% of Americans are obese. That’s 1 in 3 Americans that suffer from obesity.


We can always blame a lot of factors concerning the reasons why obesity has become a problem such as lifestyle, bad eating habits, and even stressful events. But sometimes it’s all about the diet and the way it’s set up. There plenty of reasons to get your diet up and chances are you’ve heard the common ones.

To trump that, I’ll present you 5 surprising reasons why you should improve your diet.

1. Food can alter the way we use our brain

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It may sound weird but the food we eat affects the way we think. More than the emotional level, a study concluded that we can actually manipulate our diet in order to resist insults and help stabilize mental fortitude.

Research indicating that an excessive intake of calories might negate the positive effects of certain diets suggests that there is an undefined line between abundance of foods and neural . Ironically, judging by the increasing rate of obesity in Western countries, which affects individual’s health and the economy as a whole, the excessive food intake in these wealthy nations seems to be almost as harmful as the lack of it in poor countries.

If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, chances are you’re going to be able to think clearer and be happier. The nutrients good for our are also good for the brain. In contrast, unhealthy eating can deprive your brain of the nutrition it needs. This would then cause the brain to become inefficient in what it does and that means trouble for the rest of the body.

It is also important to mention that eating healthy food makes us feel better about ourselves vs the guilty sensation that we experience if we eat something we know isn’t good for our health. 

2. Slashes your hospital bills


People say healthy food is expensive which is why most opt for the cheap but unhealthy ones. True, I myself worked at a food manufacturing industry and the more natural a product is, the more expensive it gets. The business there lies on the difficulty of producing natural substances vs synthetic ones. Why is it so? The details are a bit technical for this website but to give you a short answer, let’s just say you can make your own potato chips in less than an hour but you can’t grow a potato in less than a day.

Needless to say, the price of healthy food can be justified if a long term approach is taken into consideration. Healthy foods are termed such because they have proven themselves beneficial to the human body. From providing essential vitamins and minerals to improving our immune system, a healthy diet enhances the way we live our lives. With that said, people who eat healthy will not frequent the clinic or require medical services as much as those who prefer cheap and practically nutrient-deprived food. And we all know how absurdly expensive healthcare can cost these days.

3. You look and feel sexier

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The one good benefit of eating healthy food is that it doesn’t really become stored fat. There are even plenty of foods out there that has fat-burning properties. Apart from just being good for your body, a healthy diet makes sure people know you’re eating healthy by just looking at you. You can look and feel sexy just by eating food that promotes a sexy body.

No, we’re not talking about diet pills or those so-called “fat-burning” bars or powders. We’re talking about real, whole, and healthy food. Some of those foods are green, leafy vegetables such as broccoli, foods with healthy fat such as avocados, food that promote a whole roster of nutrition such as eggs, or even a healthier version of your usual beverage such as coffee.

Ditching or at least cutting junk from your diet can physically manifest itself through your waistline and your overall appearance. Your overall self-esteem will then turn towards a more positive note as healthy food can make you confident.

When it comes to confidence and self-esteem, considering your diet and making any necessary changes can help to reduce anxiety, boost your mood and in turn help you feel better about yourself and more confident.

4. You know exactly what goes inside your mouth


In the food industry, we have a saying about the number of ingredients a product has. Generally speaking, the fewer are the ingredients, the healthier or more natural it is. Case in point are your real chocolates vs compound chocolates.

Real chocolate, specially premium ones, often only include the following ingredients: Sugar, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, milk, lecithin, vanilla, and maybe a dash of salt. This would refer to the simple type of chocolates. Chocolates with added “fun” like those of gourmet chocolate will still likely include all-natural ingredients.

In contrast, compound chocolate may contain all of the following: Sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat, skimmed milk, cocoa powder, carob powder, whey powder, salt, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. Let’s not even talk about the ratios of the ingredients between real and compound chocolates.

My point here is that real, healthy food don’t need a list of ingredient. This is because they are the ingredients. You know very well of the composition the food in your plate has. You don’t have to ask whether if it’s organic, contains allergens, and if the food has substances you may not even spell correctly let alone  pronounce right.

Without a doubt, an actual potato cut thinly and fried is many levels healthier than a mass-produced and baked potato chip brand.

5. You can wear sexier pants


What more of a reason could you want than this?

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