8 Trends in The Fitness Industry That Could Define 2021

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Like any other industry, the fitness industry has seen a tremendous change in trends over the last few years due to technology and health awareness campaigns. As the fitness industry dived more into the tech side, consumers’ desire to have a personalized and unique experience has increased.

Different people have different motivations for being part of the fitness regime. Some are looking for long-term health, some are generally passionate, and some become a part of the fitness regime only to try modern fitness gear. Whatever the motivations are, 2021 is going to witness some exciting fitness trends. Here are some of the trends that will change the industry for you

HIIT – The new fitness jam

You must have heard about HIIT if you are into fitness. It is a high-intensity interval training exercise that features high-intensity activities followed by low-intensity training intervals. It takes less time to execute than regular activities and is the best fit for people with busy lives. Some of the equipment to do HIIT workouts include treadmills, vertical climbers, jump rope, resistance band, kettlebells, and foam roller. Several journals state that HIIT significantly impacts blood pressure, insulin regulation, and body composition.

Wearable technology

From Samsung Gear to Fitbit and Oculus Rift, it is compelling for people to join the fitness bandwagon because of these technology gears. These devices give a profound insight into your daily activity. They also suggest improvements to improve your health. These wearable devices aren’t just available in the form of smartwatches or fitness trackers; they are available in other devices such as GPS trackers and heart rate monitors. Some are also available in the form of VR games such as Beat Saber for fitness. While the gyms will appeal to the masses, technology provides a fun, multidimensional, and personalized experience with very transparent goals. And let’s admit that wearable technology devices add quite a chic look to your overall appearance.

Fitness gyms and clubs in malls

2021 is going to witness fitness gyms in studios and clubs. It is an innovative concept that is slowly coming into action. You might have seen fitness clubs in spaces like malls and other retail establishments. Several businesses related to the fitness industry are now planning to open their fitness gyms in retail spaces. With the fitness clubs taking over spaces in malls and retail stores, the number of fitness stores will grow, taking over a significant part of real estate. The New York Times has coined a term called fitness clusters. As per this concept, if a boutique fitness studio expands its establishment to form in one mall, it will eventually force its competitors to have a similar outlet. And it will result in developing a fitness cluster in the mall.

Wellness programs

The competitive professional world and its pressures leave little or no time for employees to remain fit. Therefore, many organizations globally now include wellness and health programs as part of their employee benefits. The employers and employees consider fitness and wellness perk as a non-negotiable item while hunting for a new job. 2021 will see more and more companies partnering with local health clubs and fitness gyms to offer more comprehensive, realistic, and practical fitness programs. Many companies are already partnering, and some are also opting for fitness clubs that provide diet assistance.

Virtual fitness

For several people having a coach adds additional motivation and makes them disciplined about workouts. For this reason, the gyms are now expanding their services and offering virtual coaches and online workout classes to exercise at home. Virtual fitness will allow you to pick and choose either a live-streamed fitness class or a recorded class. From intelligent weightlifting machines and rowing machines to fitness mirrors working as a personal workout trainer, virtual fitness will be more exciting and creative in 2021. In between long commutes, busy schedules, and bad weather, you can always manage to get going with virtual fitness programs.

Group training

Some people, especially the younger generation, prefer group training to enjoy competitive streaks and like-minded people. Group training usually involves five or more participants. Group training is quite different from one-on-one personal training. It includes indoor cycling, dance-based classes, and indoor cardio. Generally, having the instructor has motivated group training, but the trend will shift to a health-conscious group working out without a formal instructor in 2021.

Understanding generation needs to design programs:

Aside from how much money people can spend on fitness, every generation’s fitness needs are different. If the fitness clubs succeed in 2021, they need to leverage the generational needs and design fitness programs accordingly. For instance, the fitness club can design a fitness program for seniors that focuses on relaxation to keep the body healthy. However, for the younger generation, fitness clubs can create workouts of high intensity and weight loss. Different facilities and fitness activities appeal to other ages. Gen Z and millennials prefer group training, whereas older generations prefer weight training equipment and cardio. HIIT and yoga are common with the younger generation. You would be surprised to know the fitness club memberships differ for ages. Gen Z prefers membership with a nonprofit club, and boomers prefer fitness-only clubs. In contrast, millennials are between nonprofits and fitness-only memberships.

Keeping it natural with free weight training

Free weight training includes equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and kettlebells. They provide natural motion and make strength goals more realistic. If you have an injury, free weights are safer as you can change them easily to avoid repetitive injury. For instance, you can switch to barbell squats instead of using chest fly machines or smith machines. Since machines are not always available at a fitness club, switching to free weight training can naturally help you build endurance, strength, and health.


The outlook for the fitness industry looks positive for years to come. Like any other industry, fitness clubs will have to adapt, or they will phase out. With the new approaches to exercise, several awareness articles, and stylish and highly functional wearable tech devices, adherence to exercise has significantly increased. It has become a source of fun for many people. Like the 80s, when video games became part of daily life, fitness regimes will become a central part of everyday life.

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