8 Ways to Stay on Track Over the Weekend

The weekend is for relaxing, meeting friends and family, doing chores that we have neglected for long, cooking, and eating delicious things. But doing all these things on the weekend does not mean that you ignore your diet and health. Unfortunately, that’s what happens most of the time.

Through the week, we make conscious efforts to eat healthily, get in our workout any way possible, and sleep and wake up on time.

But come Friday night, and we become lazy.  In the next two days, we plan to meet friends or family for brunches or dinners or go out to spend time with our kids. All of this is necessary, and it makes us happy, but somehow these plans always end up making us forget about our health.

Most people forgo exercise both of these days and eat carbs and all the items that they would never eat on the weekdays. While eating your favorite food is sometimes okay. But if you gorge on these, without portion control or exercise, all your hard work to maintain weight or lose it, will go out the window.

When you control yourself the whole week and eat a lot of weekends, your weight keeps fluctuating, which is bad for your health.

So, what can you do? Do you not enjoy festivities or indulgence on weekends with your family?

Well, not exactly. You can eat your favorite chocolate dessert, but try to make it healthier or eat a single slice, and get in some workout as simple as a walk is perfect too.

Here are some other ways that can help you stay on track on weekends.

1. Plan your weekend menu

If you are calling friends or family over on the weekend for brunches or dinner, plan the menu carefully. Even if you are not, planning it using the Canva planner is perfect for your health.

Create a menu that has all your favorite food, but use healthy ingredients. For instance, want to eat a cake? Use whole wheat flour or gluten-free flour instead of refined, and use jaggery instead of sugar. It will taste amazing, and you will get to eat your favorite thing.

Planning your menu ensures that you don’t order take out or make something which is unhealthy. It also helps you remember that eating in moderation is great for you.

The same goes for going out. Choose the place which has healthy eating options so that you can keep your diet on track.

2. Plan a day out which doesn’t involve eating

Social life for overall happiness and a healthy body and soul is critical. So, going to meet your friends and family is crucial. One way to ensure that it doesn’t affect your diet is to make plans that don’t involve eating. So, a museum tour or a coffee date or spend the day at a park. It is a great way to catch-up without affecting your health.

3. Start the morning the right way

You may not want to wake up early on weekends, but you do need to start it the right way. So, get in your workout the first thing in the morning. It can be a walk or a jog with your friend in the park. Or you can go to breakfast at a healthier café or eat right in the morning. It will ensure that you will start the day on a positive note before the weekend distraction begins.

4. Play safe with alcohol

You don’t have to deprive yourself of alcohol on weekends while trying to lose weight or maintain it. But you do need to be careful with it. So, that means sticking with a single glass and adding no enhancer which makes it high in calories.

5. Monitor portions

Weekends are for indulgences, whether it’s at home or a restaurant. Don’t deprive yourself of eating your favorite dessert or a starter. But do portion control. If you order a plate of fries for yourself and your friends, don’t eat the whole thing. Eat a small portion, this way you won’t load up on calories, and your palette will be happy too.

6. Plan a simple workout on weekends

Weekends make you sluggish more so than usual. So, having a workout scheduled for these two days is the best way to make correct and healthy food choices. You don’t have to do 45 minutes or a 1-hour workout. You can do a five-minute HIIT workout, or you can go for an aggressive one hour walk.

A simple workout over the weekends will keep you on track and ensure you don’t feel those Monday blues.

7. Eat all foods

Everyone around us tells us that you should not eat this or that if you want to stay fit or lose weight. But when you restrict one type of food or label it bad, it can make you indulge in it a lot during the weekend. That is the worst as it can lead to severe obstacles in your diet.

So, eat everything, if you feel like eating a bar of chocolate, eat a single piece instead of devouring it all. This way, when you know, you can eat anything and everything in a week, in a controlled portion, all these things won’t tempt you on the weekend.

8. Don’t compromise on sleep

Weekend means you can catch up on your sleep. So, if you stay up late on Friday, it will make you wake up too late on the weekend, which will lead to hunger pangs. Catching up on sleep means going to bed at a reasonable time, and waking up at the usual time. This way, you can work out, make healthy eating habits, and more.

Also, this way, you will have the whole day to catch up on Netflix and chores, and so on.

Weekends can be tough, but these tips will help you stay on track. Also, don’t forget to track your food even on weekends, this way if you are overboard with your calories, you can balance it out.

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