A Timeline of Celebrity Fad Diets

fad diets

fad diets

Let me just say I don’t like Fad Diets. I disapprove of them and they often hurt more than help. Trying to follow a trend is one thing but a trend that adversely affects your ? I don’t think so. That’s a definite red flag for me. Unless you have good research to back it up (and if you know your can take it) it’s best to just improve your diet and maybe it can help make losing weight easy. To be truthful about it, maybe they work on some but some fad diets are simply not meant to work for everyone. If you want to try your hand at a few fad diets, please consult your doctors first.

Since we’re on the subject of fad diets, a couple of friends from Evoke emailed me a very nice graphic on fad diets done by these celebrities. It’s an interesting timeline and I want you guys to look how fad diets have evolved for the past few decades. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and it is expertly done.

From Evoke:

Fad diets are deemed to be a quick-fix solution to weight loss and they are usually brought to our attention by celebrity followers rather than certified nutritionists. In the past number of years, it’s fair to say that we have been inundated with fad diets, from the grapefruit diet to the cabbage soup diet and many more.

This interactive timeline by Evoke.ie, a leading source of news in Ireland, tracks some of the most well-known fad diets of the 20th and 21st Centuries, from the famous Atkins diet to the South Beach diet and much more. It charts the origins of each diet so you can get an idea of how the fad diet culture has developed over time. For example, did you know that The Zone diet was developed by Dr. Barry Sears in Massachusetts, U.S.? He published his book The Zone in 2005 and gained a huge following, particularly from celebrity A-listers such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Sandra Bullock. The Zone Diet calls for a specific ratio of carbohydrates, fats, and protein at each meal. Get an insight on more celebrity fad diets with this interesting timeline.

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