Back to Basics: Single Kettlebell Workout with Push-ups

Having done so many strength and kettlebell complexes, I sometimes try to go back to my roots. Complexes are great fat burners but there is also something to say about simple and minimal workouts. Simple workouts can also be used to relax your otherwise stressed muscles without the sin of just resting. Don’t mistake this for the term “active rest“. This is still a full blown workout but the only difference is that it focuses on two or three core movements only. That’s right, just a maximum of three and this is meant to be done with high repetitions. The main advantage of doing a simple workout is to release stress from the brain. Too much strength workouts may take its toll in one’s head and you may end up getting mentally fatigue. Mental fatigue is far worse than fatigue from workouts. This can definitely hinder your progress and this actually has a bad effect on your health.


With that, I tried a little something. Nothing too fancy or technical, just basic and a lot of hardwork.

It went like this:

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