Fibonacci Kettlebell Complex

I wanted to spice things up on my weekends so I decided to invent my own little complex based on the ever popular Fibonacci Sequence earlier today. I’m a fan of the Fibonacci Sequence as it’s one of my favorite choice of passwords (no, that’s not the password to this blog, silly) for most of my “money” accounts. I love this mathematical sequence in particular as it also implores the logic of nature when we pertain to the Golden Ratio. But we’re not here to talk about math and philosophy.

As for the workout I made, I take this inspiration from Pat Flynn’s Sequential Dismay. There are two versions of this as of this writing and below are the official videos. Note how Pat uses snatches and his friend uses the one from the blog.

Bonus: Pat Flynn’s Sequential dismay (both versions) using two kettlebells performed by this guy.

For creativity’s sake, mine was very different. I wanted to incorporate my kettlebell Burpee workout into a strength type of kettlebell workout. To cut to the chase, it went like this:

1 x double clean, 1 x double press, 1 x KB Burpee

1 x double clean, 1 x double press, 1 x KB Burpee

2 x double clean, 2 x double press, 2 x KB Burpee

3 x double clean, 3 x double press, 3 x KB Burpee

5 x double clean, 5 x double press, 5 x KB Burpee

Then reverse it back down to 1. This was all done using a pair of 24 kg kettlebells. I dare you to go up until 8 without resting. If you can do it then props to you but beginners should attempt to finish the recommended reps above.

As you can see, it covers a pretty good ratio of upper body strength as well as adding a ballistic resistance cardio workout that covers a good portion of the lower body. Well burpees were designed to be a full body workout but kettlebell burpees puts emphasis on leg power since there is added resistance right before the jump.

A kettlebell push up is also integrated with the burpee which is also a pretty mean version of your average push-up if you’re gunning for more muscle coverage on your chest and shoulders. Just be mindful of the landing, though, since the it can take its toll on your knees if you don’t hinge right. Yes, I recommend a hinge because you don’t have to bend your knees much when doing a Kettlebell Burpee. Too much knee bending after a jump (with weights specially) may cause serious injury.

Quite frankly, this workout may only take you roughly 10-15 minutes TOPS. If you go beyond 15 minutes then you are resting too much or if you finish too early it’s either you’re strong or your kettlebells are too light. If you want to add difficulty, add double front squats. It would definitely take a lot of rest time but it’s a pretty good upgrade if you ask me.

This workout is best used as a “closing” to your fitness routine to end the day. Give it a go and tell me your experience in the comments section!

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