Fit and Write’s 2015 Christmas Kettlebell Complex (It’s so simple it hurts!)

christmas kettlebell complex

christmas kettlebell complex

Christmas is almost here and with that I present to you my first Christmas Kettlebell Complex. I designed this complex to make sure you get decent training without taking too much of your time. When you try this out yourself you’ll realize just how simple this is but also can prove to be of medium difficulty as each exercise is done for volume.

I’ve been practicing this kettlebell complex for a while now (as far back as the last week of November) and suffice to say it’s really the kind of kettlebell complex you can love or forget. It’s similar to my not-so-popular Fibonacci Kettlebell Complex (which I admit was done when all I wanted were challenges and not “real routines”) and the simplicity of this complex is based off on some of my more recent kettlebell complexes such as my Batman Kettlebell Complex and my One Punch Man Kettlebell Complex.

It’s a Christmas kettlebell complex because I patterned it right after the 12/25/2015 numerals as you would notice below

Christmas Kettlebell Complex

Christmas kettlebell complex

A few notes:

  • I mostly do the exercises via the RKC/SFG method as seen in my kettlebell workout guide here.
  • Use a pair of ketllebells that’s not your heaviest but not your lightest either; the middleweight.
  • For the swings, you can opt to use a heavier bell for the one hand swings i.e. 2 x 24 kg for DKB, 1 x 32 kg for Swings.
  • You can switch cleans with swings or add variety with snatches.
  • Depending on level of fitness and weight used, you can finish between 10 to 15 minutes.

As you can see my Christmas kettlebell complex is simple and could be easily done in as little as 10 minutes, making sure you get a decent workout while having time to do your Christmas shopping, cooking, or for others, cleaning.

This is probably one of my shortest complexes as most of the workouts I do often take a minimum of 15 minutes to finish. But don’t underestimate the simplicity or the duration of the kettlebell complex as it’s meant to use plenty of energy in as little time as possible. For added challenge, and if you have extra time/energy in you, repeat this twice or combine it with my other kettlebell complexes.

What I recommend is you treat each exercise as your set and rest in between specially when it comes to the swing in between the cleans and the squats. That could be a bit tricky as the swing is an explosive exercise which means you’ll be dishing out fat and energy with each swing. It can catch you off guard since you’ll be doing cleans first and then perform squats after. So believe me when I tell you this can hurt a lot (in a good way) specially if you’re using a heavy pair.

Final Thoughts

If you have any suggestions or comments then write it down below. I’m also open to some of your suggestions for kettlebell topics as well as other health and fitness ideas you may have.

Merry Christmas from Fit & Write!

P.S. I’ll try to see if I can work in a New Year’s Kettlebell Complex

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