Five Ways to Optimize Your Gym Time

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Lifting weights, running, jumping, and all that is good but is there a fool-proof method when it comes to maximizing your time in the gym? Surely you want the best bang for your buck and gym memberships aren’t exactly cheap. And if you’re into bodybuilding, protein powder can be such a drag to pay for.

Personally I only have my phone with me to act as my stopwatch or timer. I don’t listen to music anymore since I found them a bit distracting once you’ve gone too dependent with them. I also grunt a lot but that’s about as much voice you’ll hear from me. I usually don’t have any problems with this aspect of my routine, though, since I train with kettlebells. The great thing about kettlebells is that they don’t waste your time. They train your body as a unit with just a few exercises and I tell you these seemingly “light” weights will make a brush fire out of your lungs after a few minutes.

Five Ways To Optimize Your Gym Time

There are many ways to enhance your workout efficiency. Some are too obvious while other tend to be a bit hard to notice. Listed below are five of what could potentially be your key to a more successful gym day.

Don’t talk to anyone

This is one of the most valuable methods of becoming more workout-efficient. Unless you need someone to spot you or you need to learn how to use an equipment or an exercise, don’t bother using your mouth for idle chit-chat. The gym is not the place to catch up on the latest news or trends in society. There’s a lot of time to talk before and after your time at the gym. Simply put, the less you talk, the more you lift.

Also, take your phone browsing elsewhere. You won’t only increase your workout time but also do everyone else a favor by not stalling the use of equipment. A good example would be browsing Facebook and doing it on a bench press machine. Too many people do that already so please be the minority.

Plan it out

Going to the gym without a workout plan in mind is like going into war without knowing where the enemy is. Plan ahead, follow your routine, give it a few tweaks if you have to but stick to what you listed as much as possible. This will go far specially in the mental aspect of fitness. Not only does planning make you a better lifter but it also makes your mind think more and therefore it will get a good workout too.

Limit break times

How many times do you exactly need a break? If you find yourself often going to the restroom or just “resting” a lot perhaps you’re just doing it to avoid working out at all. It’s a psychological avoidance of something difficult and you have to bypass this quick. A lot of people quit the gym because they found it overwhelming and thus would rather procrastinate than do anything at all.

Use your time for working out than skipping out.

Avoid lengthy warm-up sessions

A lot of people nowadays focus on perfecting their warm-ups than their main workouts. A warm-up is a warm-up and it won’t get you anywhere if you give it more than half the time you have inside the gym. Doing warm-up exercises is good to avoid injury and possibly improve strength output but too much will definitely be bad for you as you end up probably losing much of your energy before your main workout. This is particularly important for those who lift weights and not just do cardio. Too much warm-up can cause an early fatigue which, ironically, could lead to injury if the muscle gives out while lifting your max.

Focus on whole body workouts

To get the most time from your workout sessions you must focus your exercises on movements that allow the whole body to act as a unit. Exercises like squats or burpees will definitely require a lot more muscle than bicep curls. And more muscle requirements equal a much better metabolic rate and will definitely burn much more fat and build more mass. A perfect example would be the way a kettlebell trains the body. Swings, cleans, snatches, squats, get-ups, and all sorts of amazing full-body workouts are what kettlebells are capable of.


Going to the gym can be a commitment or a time to ditch the hassles of everyday life and get some “me” time. You’ve probably been enticed to exercise by a number of reasons. Whether it is to lose weight, get stronger, lift heavier, or to simply look hotter naked, just remember to eliminate all possible causes of inefficiency and focus on the goals you set out for.

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