The Gladiator Kettlebell Complex

Gladiator Complex
Gladiator Complex

Whenever I exercise using my pair of 24’s, I always make sure the complex I do would emphasize on volume and variety. I do this to make sure my body is able to withstand an endurance challenge that isn’t static. You also get to practice performing a variety of movements in one workout session. This not only gets you to burn fat and build strength but on top of it all it gets you to check your own form and to see if you still know your foundations pretty well. I personally know what it was like to be scolded by a coach when I couldn’t get my snatch form perfect after not performing the exercise for a few weeks. That’s a scary moment I don’t want to happen again.

Doing 200-300 one-arm swings in less than 20 minutes with your heaviest kettlebell is good but you can’t really do that every day. Well, technically you can but it doesn’t really sound inspiring at all and you might end up traumatizing your brain from doing that one particular exercise. Such is the case of the infamous 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge. Whether you did that for an amazing 10 days or the whole 30, repeating an exercise for so long will definitely put a strain on your mental endurance.

I personally experienced this when I did the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge by Dan John. That’s a good challenge to do if you haven’t done it yet but if you have experienced finishing it at least once (and I mean in the strictest way possible), it won’t really appeal to you as much as it did the first time. After the final day, I literally veered from swinging my 32 kg for a few days and concentrated on cleans and squats.

Now before you tell me I’m wrong in what I claim, let me just tell you that I don’t really have much empirical evidence as to my little declaration. All I request of you, however, is to try the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge first (or again if you tried it before) and come back here to tell me how you felt about it. If you found yourself calling my idea accurate then you have my gratitude. Otherwise, let’s agree to disagree and be better friends.

But let’s discuss the new kettlebell complex I read about here. It’s more of a conditioning workout before a tournament fight according to the author. They call it the Gladiator Complex.

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