The Gladiator Kettlebell Complex

Gladiator Complex

The Gladiator Kettlebell Complex

Here’s the breakdown of the workout care of Breaking Muscle:

Round 1: 10 double swings

Round 2: 8 swings + 2 cleans

Round 3: 6 swings + 2 cleans + 2 squats

Round 4: 4 swings + 2 cleans + 2 squats + 2 presses

Round 5: 2 swings + 2 cleans + 2 squats + 2 presses + 2 squats

Take a two-minute break and begin again.

Gladiator Complex

Interestingly enough, this complex wasn’t as easy as it looks on paper. Sure, 10 reps per round doesn’t sound so bad but with a pair of 24’s, this complex can burn your fat and tire you out with just 2-3 circuits. To tell you the truth, I did this complex this morning (because I’m like an excited kid on Christmas Day when it comes to new kettlebell complexes) and I was able to pull out 2 in under 10 minutes in which I decided to finish the remaining 10 minutes of my daily workout time with the armor building complex.

What I did was perform one round then rest for 30 seconds then go for the next round until I finish. Take the recommended two minutes rest then go back to round one again. I honestly think I could’ve finished faster if I didn’t rest up so much but I would like to think this complex is much more beneficial if done in a slow yet consistent pace. Let’s not forget how slow and controlled movements, particularly in grinding-dominant complexes, demand much more muscle control and core tightness which translates to enhanced focus and breathing technique (specially breathing technique).

You’re more than welcome to try to get as many rounds as you can but I think you’ll miss out on the overall benefit of this complex if you simply aim for volume. This would be a great addition to my kettlebell complex arsenal but I won’t be including it on my personal program yet (which I’ll find time to write about as soon as I’m finished “testing it out”).

Try this out and write your comments below!

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