Godzilla-Armor Building Kettlebell Complex

Godzilla Kettlebell Complex
This is Godzilla and it will be you against him with this complex. http://nevsedni-svet.cz/

As far as kettlebell training is concerned, I’ve been mostly focusing on minimal workouts. I try not to put so much volume on my kettlebell training but rather emphasize on intensity. Volume is good if you already have the intensity figured out. Otherwise you’ll be stuck in one weight for a while and we all want progress in our training don’t we?

Taking a step back from my double 32s, I’ve been playing with my 24 kg kettlebells with Dan John’s Armor Building Complex and Pat Flynn’s Godzilla Complex. Both are extremely efficient at fat burning and muscle building and will definitely strengthen your body as a whole. I’ve done the said complexes for weeks on end, alternating them on a daily basis so my body and brain won’t get fatigued on one type of workout.

But then I realized that since I’m now including a pair of 32 kg bells in my workout routine, I might as well try and combine the two.

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