How to Get Fit Without Exercise

Fit without exercise

As it is, the world is slowly becoming more into staying still than moving around. Getting a healthy and fit lifestyle is slowly being accepted as a luxury that only belongs to those who have the money and time. Who can blame them? When we hear the word “” we often think about gyms, barbells, running, and a whole lot of “Abs” selfies on Facebook and Instagram.

But what if I told you can actually get a good workout without actually exercising? In fact, getting fit is something you can do anytime you want. You must be thinking I’m out of my mind but if you read on you’ll see what I mean.

1. Walk more


As simple as it sounds, walking is by far one of the best ways to burn calories without really giving so much effort. Now as many of you are probably using a vehicle to go from one place to another, it can be as simple and easy as trying to walk it out, if it’s near enough, or simply getting off the bus a few blocks from where you actually work. If you walk more than drive, you’ll also be saving money in petrol and in turn saving the planet too by not producing smoke!

In an office setting, you can try to actually talk to someone about a project by walking over to them instead of calling or texting them. Even in your own house, instead of placing just about everything near you (or your bed for that matter), put a few things in places that would require you to stand up and walk over to get.

2. Stand while working


Sitting in front of a computer all day is really bad for you specially if you don’t exactly have the best posture. There’s a lot of reasons why sitting is bad for you and one of them is the fact that it reduces your metabolism to burning just 1 calorie per minute. I’m not kidding. Each time you sit down, a lot of your muscles are deactivated hence less energy to expend. To solve this, you may try to do a lot of things while standing up.

No, I don’t mean standing up all day. You can try to stand up while texting or talking to someone, eating a sandwich or drinking coffee, or you can even get yourself a standing desk. One of the major perks of standing is you burn 3 – 4 times more calories than you do sitting. It’s 60 calories per minute sitting vs 180 – 240 calories standing.

3. Do some house chores


As dismal as it sounds, housework still counts as a productive physical activity. I mean, not only do you get to burn a few hundred calories but you also end up with a cleaner place to live in and a rewarding experience you’ll definitely love. You’ll also get to impress your parents when they come over for a visit.

It can be as simple as sweeping the floors clean, doing your own laundry, or as extreme as a cleaning your house both inside and out, with every corner as squeaky clean as possible.

4. Play outside


With majority of people preferring to stay indoors, perhaps it’s time you expose your skin to sunlight and get some good ‘ol fashioned Vitamin D without the help of any pill or capsules. Why stop there? Maybe you can ask your friends to play a game of catch, Frisbee, or any other outdoor game school once made you do for grades.

It’s not only fun but it also helps you activate muscles that would’ve laid dormant for lack of any physical activity. It’s a bonus if it’s a game you’re totally good at.

5. Taking the stairs


At any given event in your life, when faced with a decision between riding the elevator/escalator and taking the stairs, always consider taking the stairs. I’m not saying you should try to climb up 20 floors to your office.

Rather, if the place you want to get to is just one or two floors above or below, it will definitely be healthier to take the stairs. You’ll lose more calories and you’ll definitely make your legs stronger.


Getting a bit of exercise during the day doesn’t have to be about a complex workout or joining a fitness group. It can be as simple as arranging your house furniture or simply opting to walk instead of using the car. It can be as fun as playing a game of basketball with friends or playing with your kids. There’s literally little to no excuse not to try to get fit. It’s all in the attitude and how you make use of your resources. Just take it one activity at a time and you’ll be healthier and stronger in no time!

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