Kettlebell Burpee Workout


How many exercises can you fuse kettlebells with? Probably in the thousands. We all know the functional benefits of kettlebells. We all know the kind of strength it can give a person due to its holistic approach to fitness. The fact that it is usually done with moderate volume makes this a great combination of cardio and weight training.

Needless to say, the very strength of kettlebell training is its fat burning potential. Among the exercises kettlebells provide, the swing usually takes the cake as the most important exercise of all. They always did say that the swing is the perfect exercise but let’s go beyond that and say the kettlebell swing is the best fat burning exercise out there. So if kettlebells are the best tools for fat burning, why not combine it with another powerful fat burning exercise?

I’ve been experimenting with a whole roster of movements for my kettlebell workouts and it wasn’t until my recent detour from kettlebell training did I realize that I forgot one workout that I found very, very good for fat burning and a pretty sweet cardio. I’ve performed this type of workout before, using lighter kettlebells, and I’ve used them as part of a very long complex. It’s actually a combination of one of my favorite bodyweight exercises with my kettlebells. It’s called the kettlebell burpee.

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