Kettlebell Front Squats For Leg Strength

This front squat workout is literally based on Pat Flynn’s video. Check this out:

When it comes to total body workouts, squatting is probably the king. There are many variations of course but in our topic today, we’ll be doing the double kettlebell front squat. As performed above by Pat Flynn. It’s simple, you grab hold of the kettlebells in the rack position and squat deep as demonstrated in the video.

I tried this myself once and I found my glutes and thighs on fire. I also found myself almost unable to climb the stairs or even walk after doing this. This was like self-inflicted torture, a masochist’s dream workout.

But as much as I hate doing this, I found myself becoming stronger. After a few times with this, not every day mind you, I guess you could say that I’ve enhanced my overall and . It also had quite an impact on my physical and mental since doing kettlebell front squats are not easy on the body and the mind. Not only does this workout physically drain you but it also makes you want to give it up and not finish. It would probably happen right around the 6th or 7th set and I tell you, it takes a lot of mental fortitude to finish this simple yet brutal workout.

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