My 30-Day Kettlebell Fat Loss Routine and 5 Popular Resolutions and My Tips on How to Keep them to Start the Year Right!

fat loss routine

Hey guys! Happy New Year to you all! It’s been a while since I blogged about my first Christmas Kettlebell complex and I have to admit I got way too busy to actually write something this past few days. In this blog I will highlight my 30-day kettlebell fat loss routine which, as the name suggest, I will be doing for the next 30 days. I will also make use of the top 5 favorite New Year’s Resolutions and what I think you should do to actually keep them. I’ll be condensing a lot on this one article but let me start by telling you about what I did last January 1st.

fat loss routine
My new shoes are Nike Air Zoom Elite 8. Past shoes were Nike Lunarglide 2.

My Yearly Run

Since 2010 I’ve always made it a healthy habit to run as my personal way to greet the new year. I do this by sleeping around 10 PM on New Year’s Eve (which makes me the most boring guy in the world every year) and waking up at roughly 4:30 to 4:45 am. I drink 1 liter of water, warm up (which often involves squats, push ups, and burpees for 5-10 minutes), put my shoes on and out I go into the unknown.

Naturally people are either asleep or drunk around our neighborhood with some of them singing karaoke as loud as their last bits of energy can muster. I usually run around 15-16 km every January 1st but due to the light rains the night before I wasn’t able to uphold this promise this year. You see around half of my run involves going through a housing area and the roads there are all still more soil than concrete and the mud could mess up with your running form and could result to injury.

I had to turn back and opted to offset the distance by running around our village instead since the place I live in spans around 10 km front to back. Amazingly enough the roads were clear of any obstacle and by obstacle I meant cars which, for the rest of the year, would be parked along the roads and cause heavy traffic inside the village.

Here’s my run on the first day of 2016 if you’re interested.

Mind you I haven’t ran in a year since my old shoes broke and I just bought a new pair last December so my pace would seem slow for most of you. I’m saying this because at my peak I usually run 10 km in less than an hour.

For comparison, here’s my 2015 run.

I had a blast with my new shoes and I plan on including running as part of my 30 day workout routine.

5 Popular Resolutions and How to Keep Them

I can’t remember the last time I actually made a New Year’s Resolution but right now my only resolution is to be healthy and wealthy. Healthy because health is wealth and wealthy because I want to be as financially independent as possible. I’m writing for money now but even before all this I was already investing in the stock market and I plan on building a business this year.

Going back, I’ve been doing some random surveys on the internet and by survey I mean browsing “Popular resolutions” search results and listing just how frequent a resolution appears on each website. I’ve come to conclude the following to be the 5 most popular resolutions in the last decade.

 fat loss routine

1. Lose weight and exercise

First on our list is perhaps the one thing a large chunk of us want to do each year for God knows how long. As popular as this resolution is I’m afraid this is also one of the most popular ones to be broken or “put on hold.” To be honest, I’m not surprised.

I mean, food is literally lying around everywhere and the convenience of getting the food you like isn’t helping too. For most people the cycle goes like this:

Morning: I will only eat when I’m hungry. I will only eat healthy food. I will go for low-calorie and nutrient dense food today and always.

Break time: A cookie or two couldn’t hurt and coffee with no sugar doesn’t really taste as good as they say it would.

Lunch: That salad wasn’t the most filling thing. Oh look, a chocolate bar. Wow. Now this is food.

Break time: I just found out I’m not a tea person. Maybe I can ask Mary from HR if I can have some of her sodas.

Dinner: You know what would make this show better? Chips and dip. I think I still have some left inside the fridge.

Bed time: I didn’t do good today but it’s just the first week of the year.  I can always eat healthy tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow! Tomorrow for sure!

Morning: I will only eat when I’m hungry. I will only eat healthy food. I will go for low-calorie and nutrient dense food today and always.

It’s almost the same with exercising and you have no idea how many people lose money on unused gym memberships every year. In fact analysts say only about 18% ever really get the most of their membership cards in America while Brits are reported to spend at least 500 Euro a year on unused gym membership cards. I’m not even going to dig up on health coupons since I’m sure we will all be disappointed anyway.

It’s really tough trying to save this one new year’s resolution and I’m sure most of you would rather break the others ones if they can have this one for at least a year.

How to keep it

Aside from discipline and god-like willpower I often say just one thing as advice: Consistency beats intensity. What I mean is doing something small everyday will work better in the long run than trying to do something big once in a while. It’s a lot like training where 20 minutes a day is leagues better than 3 hours of gym time once a week.

I’m saying this because most weight loss “resolutionists” commit the mistake of going hard the first time every time and they end up going back to square one a lot more than move forward.

The best way to lose weight is to make sure you improve your diet in such a way that you will not feel difficulty in maintaining it. It doesn’t have to be as drastic as a “No more X” as these types of promises often have higher chances of failing due to withdrawal symptoms. Instead of doing it that way I suggest you do a “Just a bit of X” kind of promise. This way you’ll reduce the chances of failure AND still satisfy whatever craving you might have.

fat loss routine

2. Quit vices

Quitting smoking, drinking, and gambling is the second most popular resolution in the world. Who can blame these guys? Everyday we are reminded that these vices have vast health and financial consequences and yet they still give in to temptation. They feel the guilt for sure but they have it hard since these vices have become part of their lives and part of who they are as people. It’s a lot harder to stop when you practically surrounded yourself with smokers, drinkers, and gamblers and you feel pressured to go with the flow.

How to keep it

Get real help outside. A lot of times those who want to quit stop short due to their immediate surroundings which includes family members, friends, and colleagues. I mean, how can you stop when the family insists on drinking a bottle or two, when your friends want to hang out in the nearby casino, and when your colleagues want to discuss something over smoke and coffee?

If you’re dead serious about this resolution it would be best for you to seek help from outside. Not only will you be forced to stop but you will also have fewer tendencies to jump back to any vice since the environment you will be in is going to be secluded and free from temptation. If you really can’t afford professional rehab then you can try convincing your friends and family that you simply don’t do this stuff anymore.

They’ll get pissed for the first few days but if they really give a damn about how you want to live your life they will learn to accept you as they did before.

fat loss routine

3. Save more money

We all want to save money but only a few know how to actually do it. There are many ways to save money but with all these “latest” things coming out it’s really tough to keep even a penny inside our pockets. I can’t even remember the last time I had a forgotten penny in my pocket!

Times are hard and getting money keeps getting harder each year and the cost of keeping up with everyone just buries you in debt. It’s a cycle you’re afraid to break for fear of being criticized by your judgmental friends and relatives.

How to keep it

There are many ways to save money but here’s a few:

  • Don’t buy what you don’t need

This should be obvious. Buying things because they seem like a good idea at the time will just make you poorer. It would also be best to avoid Black Friday-like sales since you don’t really save money on a sale rather you used your hard earned money just to feel like you saved money.

  • Spend money on things that last

Always think of long term when buying something specially when it comes to heavy equipment and gadgets. When you want a new fridge buy a brand that can last a lifetime. When you want a new exercise equipment make sure it won’t end up collecting dust. When you want to buy yourself a new phone or computer make sure you think ahead and buy something you will use now, tomorrow, next month, and even the next few years.

  • Be healthy

When you spend more money on healthy food than junk food it will definitely reduce the odds of you spending money on medication and hospitalization. Most people think they’re saving money by buying junk but what they don’t know is that they’re going to be spending a lot more when they get sick. Personally, I’d rather spend $300 on a healthy recipe than a day’s worth of medications.

  • Learn to invest 

I’m an investor and I can tell you plenty of things about investing but that would derail the purpose of this blog. But just to put it simply, investing means investing on yourself (learning new skills that produce immediate money) and investing for the future (a small business, stocks, and other assets that can produce future money).

fat loss routine

4. Travel more

Wouldn’t we just love to travel to places we often see in magazines, travel blogs, and our friend’s Facebook albums? And yet the lot of us end up becoming reluctant to get away from the comforts of our homes for multiple reasons. We either end up afraid of spending or afraid of the amount of work that will stare at us once we get back. We suddenly remember all the important things we want to do and tell ourselves “I promise I’ll be there next year!”

How to keep it

There are many ways to solve this but my personal tip is to book ahead and think later. Often times planning too much will result to a no-go and we might as well just imagine what it’s like to travel than actually travel.

When you find a travel sale for the place you’ve always wanted to visit since forever then book it right away. You’ll then begin to form your schedule around your date of travel instead of travelling as an afterthought.

fat loss routine

5. Fall in love

When I was researching resolutions this one definitely took me by surprise. I didn’t really think much of falling in love as part of a new year promise but when I think about it I guess there are plenty of people in the world who just wants to settle down. Most want to spend those cold nights in bed with someone they would like to marry someday. But why is it so hard to fall in love when there are virtually hundreds of ways to hook up? Why is it so hard to find the potential partner when we have apps that practically show us a person’s resume?

How to keep it

Not going to lie, I have little experience in this area but from what I’ve read and been told, you’re not supposed to seek out love. Some of you may agree or disagree but most of the people I talked to told me they just live life as best as they could and love just magically arrived at their doorstep.

I won’t sugarcoat the fact that keeping resolutions is hard work but if you manage to keep at least ONE then you know you’ve succeeded this year.

Fit and Write 30-Day Kettlebell Fat Loss Routine

I’ve been thinking about doing another round of the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge but I hated it so much not because of how difficult it was but how boring it got. It’s fun the first 2,000 swings or so but it really gets old after that. Instead of a monotonous (but effective) swing routine I decided to invent my own. It will be a 30-day kettlebell fat loss routine and I plan to use my favorite kettlebell complexes and lots of running in between.

I’ll be making use of the Armor Building Complex, my Batman Kettlebell Complex, my One Punch Man Kettlebell Complex, and Running.

It should look like this:

fat loss routine

As you can see I don’t really specify so much on what kettlebell complex to use. For the most part I might opt to skip the running part in the One Punch Man Kettlebell complex if I just ran yesterday or if I will run tomorrow. I’ll also be making use of a pair of 24 kg kettlebells as they are my “Sweet spot” weight. You may choose to go lighter or heavier but the deal is you complete each complex for 20-30 minutes. Use the rules found in each kettlebell complex as far as reps, sets, and rest is concerned.

What’s not listed is the diet which I’ll be leaving up to you. For quick advice I’d load on plenty of protein everyday specially post-workout. In fact, if you can afford it, have your workouts in the morning like I do. Not only will this breakfast be a perfect post-workout meal but you will also free up time for other activities for the rest of the day.

Why a kettlebell fat loss routine?

There are many kettlebell programs out there but here I go making my own and even declaring it as a fat loss routine. Well one is because I like customizing my own programs and the other because I gained 10 unwanted pounds (around 4.5 kg) since November. I can blame the Holidays but I’d rather blame myself because I was the one doing all the chewing and swallowing.

I’m motivated to lose those 10 pounds and probably go as high as 15 pounds by February. I love punishing myself for things I shouldn’t have done so I figured I better punish myself with hard work and discipline this month. This is also because January happens to be the perfect time to get in shape just before summer! I want to look lean and mean with all the cuts so I’m going to try and see what I can do for February if I don’t see results this month.

fat loss routine

Why Include Running?

There are many of other exercises out there that are way better than running so why did I opt to include to run instead? One reason: I was a runner before I knew kettlebells existed. I was a late bloomer and started running only around 2010 but I realized my fondness for the hobby as I slowly made it my sport. There’s also something about running and the way it just makes you feel like you’re at peace with the world. 

Apart from that I also think running should be part of every workout program. Running is basic which means it’s something we ought to do on a daily basis. We’re not supposed to skip running because “it eats my muscles” or for some weird excuse science doesn’t agree with. Running is primal and should be done by everyone who can still run. One of these days our legs won’t work the way like they used to before (channeling Ed Sheeran here) and we should take advantage of actually having one of the most efficient legs in the animal kingdom.

Final Words

It’s going to be a tough year ahead and there will definitely be plenty of things to look forward to and a few things to be disappointed about. What you can do is to try and seize the things you can control and just let fate decide on those that are completely out of your range. Whether you have a resolution or not what matter is you start the year right with the goal of ending it with a bang!

See you on the next article!

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