Hello everyone.

First and foremost, thank you for dropping by. This blog is about two words namely FIT and the other one WRITE.

What I can tell you for FIT is that I’ll be mostly diving into topics concerning , , and overall wellness. I’ll be covering topics on how to get strong or how to start being healthy. I’ll be prowling for articles on good food and practices as well as the bad things or habits we should reduce or outright eliminate from our system. I’ll be looking up news articles on studies about health or any major issue around the world that revolves around fitness.

As for WRITE, there would be times where I would be writing about personal stuff here. Don’t be alarmed, they’re not really so personal that I can submit them for a soap on TV. They will still revolve around the topics on fitness and health but more on my thoughts about it. For my personal stuff, I have my first blogsite to take care of that.

So there you have it, my first post on my first ever official website. I hope to see you more often as I attempt to update this on a regular basis. Should you have any feedback, whether positive or negative, or if you’re simply bored and want to talk to me about stuff whether related to the topics here or not (specially if not because sometimes I get bored too!) just send me a message and I’ll give you an honest response.

Thank you!

PS: I’ll try to see if I can make my own logo just for the sake of having an actual logo.

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