Why FIT and WRITE?

Out of all the topics out there, why did I chose to go with and you may ask? Well, aside from the fact that it’s an interesting topic to write on, it’s actually a long story but I’ll try to sum it up for you in the shortest and drama-less way possible.

I got the inspiration to write about fitness when I decided to change my unhealthy habits. Prior to my now fit and strong life, I was a weakling. A damned fat weakling.

I weighed in at 240 lb for most of my college life and I was 50-60 lb overweight for a six-foot tall guy. When I finished college in 2010, I worked at an ice cream factory for a few months as their quality control officer. Needless to say, the job entailed tasting concentrated shots of syrup on a daily basis. The sugar mixes, the fat content, and all the other things they put in ice cream made my condition bad if not worse. For a week, my blood pressure was 150/100 and there were times I couldn’t stand up straight nor look anyone in the eye out of nausea. My health was in jeopardy and the work I had further accentuated my weak . Not only that, the factory was located in the province and I had to rent a small and bare apartment for myself which ate up around 25% of my salary every month so I had to cut back on real food and stuffed my face with cheap bread and pastry for most of the time. So yes, I eventually had to quit because the doctors (yes, I went to a lot of doctors) told me I risk suffering a heart attack at the age of 20!

I knew then that I had to quit the bad and make myself go with the good. Shortly after my terrible diagnosis of Stage 1 Hypertension, I started reading and researching on what to do. I read about how a good diet is mandatory so I did that. I lost 10-20 lb in my first month through diet alone. I ate a lot of vegetables and fruits, and I drank gallons of water. I omitted or partially removed the bad stuff like soda (or any drink with added sugar), fatty foods, reduced my processed food consumption, and practically erased junk food in my diet. As I began enjoying my new body, I wanted to make myself look better not just by losing weight but also with the help of exercise.

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