The Importance of Personal Integrity During a Workout

Always be true to your form, whether it’s the first rep of a warm-up or the last hard-fought, forced rep. When you break your form and cheat, you bring in other muscles and muscle groups into play, which reduces the muscle isolation you are targeting and often results in injury, as well.” – Harvey Reich, Founder and CEO of Unique Fitness Concepts

Personal integrity is a quality that’s important in every area of life. It’s what guides powerful people to make the best decisions, cultivate healthy relationships, and conquer their goals. It’s the quality that helps them exceed at every task at hand.

Integrity is just as important when it comes to maximizing your fitness regimen. Here, we’ll take a closer look at why it’s so essential. We’ll go over how drive and dedication influence the path to success.

What Is Integrity?

The importance of integrity can’t be undervalued. It’s a part of your self-image and your approach to life that stays solid and unyielding, no matter the circumstances.

People who make it a point to live with integrity don’t cheat or cut corners. They maintain a certain level of excellence because that’s an inherent part of who they are. Examples of workout-related behavior that reflects integrity include but are not limited to:

  • Being honest with yourself if you didn’t do an exercise correctly and correcting yourself appropriately.
  • Doing a few extra burpees or logging extra time on the elliptical machine to make up for being late to cardio class.
  • Adding extra reps to your lifting routine to make up for any sacrificed proper form.
  • Listening to your coach, personal trainer, instructor, or other authority and trusting in the merits of their teachings.

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It’s just as important to know what behaviors would not be considered acts of integrity. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Rounding up a bit on your total rep count to seem like a better athlete than you really are in the eyes of others.
  • Failing to challenge yourself by adding more weight to your strength training routine or making your cardio workout more challenging when you know you’re ready to handle more.
  • Pushing yourself to work out hard even when you know you’re injured, overtired, or know that your body needs to rest to recover properly.

The Benefits of Working Out with Integrity

It can be tempting to cut a few corners when you are working out, but that can really impede progress. In reality, a lack of integrity could be the reason someone fails to achieve the results they’re seeking. That person is also cheating themselves out of some pretty sweet benefits, including the following rewards.

  1. You can get more out of your workouts.

Workout programs aren’t formulated for no particular reason. They’re the product of experts who want people to achieve the best results. Any guidance provided isn’t there to cramp your style or to be particularly punishing. They’re in place to push you to the next level.

When you intentionally fail to do exercises properly, complete the required number of reps, or proceed to the next level when you know you’re ready, you’re only hurting yourself. You won’t see the same results if you actually did the workouts properly. At the end of the day, you can lie to your friends or even yourself, but you can’t lie about your results.

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  1. You lower the likelihood of hurting yourself.

Athletic injuries are serious set-backs,  as you undoubtedly know if you’ve ever sustained one. Injure yourself badly enough, and you could wind up on the bench for weeks or months and sacrifice the progress you’ve made with your workouts up to that point.

Workout protocol and recommendations from your trainer are in place to make sure you work out safely and reduce injury risk. Working out properly is the best way to make sure you’re progressing towards each new milestones on your fitness journey.

  1. You earn other people’s respect and admiration.

If you’re like most people, you care what others think of you, especially individuals you consider friends or peers. Even if you’re working out solely for your own goals, it is gratifying to know other people respect you, look up to you, and feel lucky to know you.

Even if you don’t think people notice whether or not you work out with integrity, trust us when we tell you that they do. Others can’t help but admire someone who’s truly committed to getting the most out of a yoga class or achieve their lifting goals the right way. This includes your instructors and personal trainers as well as your peers.

  1. You show other people who are just starting out what’s possible.

If you have been committed to fitness for a long time, you may have forgotten what it was like to be overweight or new to working out. However, there are lots of people out there who are in exactly the same place where you started. They’re unsure of themselves, and they’re looking to people like you for ideas and inspirations on how to shape their fitness journey.

When you work out with integrity, you become someone to emulate that can inform people on how to achieve their own fitness goals. They’ll follow your good examples and transform them into people who work out with integrity as well.

Learning to exercise personal integrity when it comes to your fitness routine isn’t just beneficial when it comes to your workout goals, either. It also makes you a better person overall. You’ll find that same determined spirit and personal accountability will inform other aspects of your life.

You’ll become a better employee, a better spouse, a better parent, and a better friend. You also might be surprised at how much more you respect yourself Today, take a moment to consider how you can cultivate a greater sense of integrity the next time you hit the gym. We promise that you will reap the benefits and inspire excellence in others around you!

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  • I think ‘ego lifting’ falls under a similar umbrella. It’s disingenuous to try and push more than you can just to look good – simultaneously, you’re sacrificing your own wellbeing and progress.

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