The One Punch Man Kettlebell Complex!

One punch man kettlebell

One punch man kettlebell

Growing up I found solace in watching more anime than I did traditional “kids” cartoons. I can remember watching my first anime back when I was still around 5 years old. Now 21 years later I’m still equally in love with anime as any other kid and I’m proud of it. There’s one new anime I’m recently into and it’s called “One Punch Man” and as you’ve guessed with the title of my blog I’ve decided to formulate a kettlebell complex with the One Punch Man theme. I call it the One Punch Man Kettlebell Complex!

The One Punch Man Kettlebell Complex

Before I dive in to what the One Punch Man Kettlebell Complex is about, allow me to provide a short background about the anime. One Punch Man is a story of a man named Saitama who is arguably the strongest superhero in Japanese animation right now (considered Goku too). The guy is basically known to finish enemies, no matter the number, size, or godly strength, with just one punch hence the name.

I think it was the 2nd episode where he puts into detail his secret on how he achieved such god-like abilities. Below is the video which is TOTALLY worth watching. I swear.


100 Push ups

100 Squats

100 Sit ups

10 km run

You have to do this everyday. This is on top of his mental training that involves training no matter what (despite fatigue or sleeplessness) and not turning the heater on when you’re cold and not turning the cooler on when you feel uncomfortably warm.

Safe to say, I wouldn’t be able to do the no heater/cooler challenge nor would I recommend to exercise if your body doesn’t feel like exercising at all. It’s a recipe for disaster. Perhaps the frequency of doing the exercise above shouldn’t be more than three times a week. Heck, I wouldn’t do it more than once a week if I had to run 10 km each time.

Running on a separate day sounds doable, though, but I’d really avoid doing this too much (if you dare) since not only is this time consuming but it will also just deplete you day in and day out. Let’s not forget the main character capable of doing this is only bound by anime physics and not real-world physics. Just a reality check.

“So what’s the one punch man kettlebell complex?”

As I’m a fan of kettlebell training, I have a tendency to make my own kettlebell complexes and the One Punch Man Kettlebell Complex is no different. I plan to make this exercise my own by incorporating the kettlebell swing and omitting the sit ups.

Kettlebell basics guide part 1 and part 2

Why the kettlebell swing:

The swing is easily one of the best exercises out there and it’s a plus how you can ramp up the volume with this one too. It does your body good and the benefits are easily searchable but to cut it short I just have to say this is one badass exercise.

Why not sit ups:

I haven’t done sit ups in a while mainly because sit ups aren’t really all that useful in the first place. If you do sit ups for fat loss, strength gain, and a great ab workout then you might as well go with crunches. Crunches are awesome and sit ups not so awesome.

How to do the One Punch Man Kettlebell Complex

One punch man kettlebell



  • Make sure you put running as the last exercise. Do not insert it in between sets or reps.
  • Choose whether you go with one hand swings or two hand swings but the OH swing will divide the reps per arm.
  • Use whatever weight you’re comfortable with but preferably not beyond 32 kg or lighter than 20 kg.
  • Variation – Have a separate running day. Run the day after you do the first 3 exercises to save time or to reduce risk of injury due to fatigue.
  • No actual “rest period” but do not rest for too long. Hit a max of 2 minutes if you can otherwise rest longer.
  • Listen to your body. If you feel like you can’t complete anymore then rest up and try again another day.

Sequence choice:

  • Complete all reps per exercise before moving – 30 swings first then 30 squats and finally 30 push ups; run 3 km after.
  • Divide into sets – 10 swings – 10 squats – 10 push ups x 3; run 3 km after.

The HARD version looks like one of your typical Crossfit challenges so I advise you to NOT do this version of the complex frequently. As mentioned above, it takes too long to complete (not ideal for those who have work or have less time) and may end up giving you an injury if you don’t allow the body to recover.

The One Punch Man Kettlebell Complex has the EASY and NORMAL versions which, more or less, can be done maybe 4-5  times a week depending on the level of your fitness.


The One Punch Man Kettlebell Complex is designed to give the body not just a full body workout but a challenge to your willpower and stamina. Personally I’ve only completed up to NORMAL if I include running but I’ve also done HARD without the 10 km run. It took me more than an hour to complete NORMAL (running ate around 30-40 minutes) and I figured it might take me at least 2 hours (or maybe even 2.5 hours) to complete HARD as I’ll probably be too exhausted to run faster than 6 km/hr.

I’ll update this when I do complete it but for now my schedule is just too tight to squeeze it all in one day.

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